trockenbau regal wohnzimmer

trockenbau regal wohnzimmer

hey guys and welcome to my first project. today i am going to show you how you can build a beautiful wine shelf with very simple means and two old pallets. have fun watching. tools you need are: when your pallets are very dirty you might need a pressure washer, otherwise you only need a cordless screwdriver, drill and jigsaw, a rasp, folding rule and a pencil, bunsen burner and steelbrush, wood oil and a brush, a rag, as well as a jimmy, wd40, a hammer, a level and pliers.

stuff you need: best are two old europallets, at least one of them should be intact, wood oil, an old preserving bottle, old forks, copper pipe, hooks, screw anchors and screws. i'll put all the tools and materials you need in the video description at the end so you could order them directly from amazon or ebay, where i got most of my things. apart from that i will also upload small tutorials to the individual tools. so now we can start. first you take the intact pallet and separate the upper part from the lower part at the places marked in this picture. it works best using a jimmy and a hammer. you put it under the spigot and hit it but still be careful to not break the wood. sometimes it cracks or tears because they are nailed up very strongly. in that case spray on a little wd40 it'll help to loosen the nails. i have to admit it does not always come off that easy how it did in this picture it usually is a really annoying work. but if the nails are loosened you can take the spigot away. all the nails that you can still see can be flexed off with an angle grinder

that i forgot to mention in the beginning but put in the description at the end. you can also just pull the nails out from the front side but i like the heads better infront because to me it looks more authentic. after you flexed all the nails you can now work on the pallets with the pressure washer but only if they are really dirty or you worry that chemicals or other stuff might have been soaked up by the wood. it's not that important because later we will do a flame treatment on them anyway, so they don't necessarily need to be washed. now i took the wood i just cleaned and shortened them. those are the horizontal timbers from the pallet. the pallet itself measure 1,20 meter but later i want to place the shelf upright and for that i need to cut it to 80 cm which is almost the width of the pallet. so i marked it with an angle bracket and just saw it off. measurement is a very individual process so you should just cut it the way you need it.

if you want to learn how to use a jigsaw you can watch the tutorial that is linked to the videodescription. if you cut off the pieces you wanted you flex the nails from the cross-pieces and then you can go on with the flame treatment, that i will present shortly in the following section. there is also another more detailed tutorial. for singeing you can just use a bunsen burner and go over the wood until you reach your desired degree of blackness. in this picture i did the singeing outside but that's not ideal because of the wind pushing the flame in different directions so it's best to do it inside and since you work with fire set some safety precautions. singeing is pretty easy just hold the flame on the wood until you reach your desired degree of blacknee always use the yellow flame for singeing because there you have the highest heat development. after singeing you just go over the wood with a steel brush until the ashes are completely brushed off and you don't get dirty handy touching the wood.

by brushing you can also lower the degree of blackness again. you might aswell leave the wood as it is but i went over it again with some wood oil because i think it gets a beautiful shininess in the end and feels better. but again it's not necessary because the structure is already very good after singeing. then i took the spigot, that i also treated with flames and screwed those to the boards for the shelf. in this case you should definitely pre-drill the holes even if i'm not a big fan of extra work either but it would be very aggravating if the well treated palletwood would crack because of a screw that's tightened directly on the wood. so always pre-drill. like you can see here the outer boards are a little wider than the ones in the middle a bit more narrow because later they will be used for the shelf. when the shelf is ready in the end i took the really long screws because they can best hold the weight because i want to put glasses, bottles and other stuff in it.

you tighten these long screws by measuring the distance between one screw and the other. you screw one in and then measure the distance on the other side. the most beautiful thing about this work is that it doesn't have to be perfect because it's all about used look. here you can see that at the bottom on the left side a piece is missing. that's because the vanity unit where i want to hang my shelf starts there, but like i said – a very unique and individual process. then i took the forks and drilled a hole through them with the screwdriver and an attachment for metal. the splinters sticking out are very sharp and need to filed off. then the most creative part of this project starts namely bending the forks like this that you can later hang different glasses or drinks on there. because this is again something very individual i left this part of the video which is a bit longer so if you don't need it just skip this part. otherwise you can see how i bent the forks. i bought the forks on ebay and paid 50 cent a piece.

in my opinion this should be the basic idea of diy not to buy anything new and expensive and let it look old but just take old products while wandering throuh your house or garden and just take the things laying around. for that it's rather difficult for me to provide a list of stuff you need, because basically you can use everything you wish. with the bending of the forks i really don't know which material it is and if your forks will bend this way too. i just recommend trying it or even use another alternative solution if you don't want to have your glasses hanging on forks. you can for example also take the lowest board and saw out notches where you can put in the wine glasses but for me i thought it was a little more nifty to use forks so i used this solution. when the fork is ready it looks like this. the board is really narrow so again it would be best to pre-drill the holes and use little screws.

i wanted to have two glasses on it. why? i don't know i think it's a matter of style. on the left and right side i thought about having a glass of coffee beans and sugar. i don't know if it makes sense but it works for me and it's fun but you might as well put the glasses on the ground of the shelf. in the lower and middle part i thought of hanging my coffee cups and for that i just screwed in some hooks and on the upper part i want to have my wine bottles and infront of them the copper pipe that i cut with a jigsaw and an attachment for metal. copper is a very soft material. after that you file it off if there are sharp splinters and then put it where you want to have it. with a bigger drilling machine i drilled a hole measuring 13 cm and the copper pipe measures 15 cm so i drilled it a bit wider with a wood drill because the hole shoudn't be too big for that the copper can be combined well with the wood and hold up the wine bottles without getting out of place. unfortunately i couldn't find any attachments or something similar, but if you have ideas for a better solution just write a comment or a message i'd appreciate that very much

yeah but really this is it and your shelf is finished. now it's all about hanging it on your wall. for that you need to know from which material your wall is made, if it is concrete, stone or wood the shelf weighs a lot so take your time and screw it in place well. get the proper screw anchors and if you don't know how to use them watch my tutorial on them. i am lucky having a wooden wall so i can directly use a 15 cm screw and hang the shelf on the wall with a level on top so that everything is hanging even. and then it's done. i hope you had fun watching. if you liked it just give me a thumbs up. if you have any further questions or comments just use the platform's comment function and if you want to be informed about new videos just subscribe to my channel. now go out, take your tools and create your own projects. i'll give this my original „made by myself“ quality mark. have a great day, see you next time. ciao.

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