trennwand wohnzimmer küche

trennwand wohnzimmer küche

hello, friends ! in this video you will find a very exciting review on a very interesting house. so meet! modular mini house with mirror glass walls this house is located in estonia, builtestonian company and has a very original and innovative solution.the main idea is to make the house harmonious. fit into the surrounding nature whilestaying invisible. home is projection of nature in the walls. what is more beautifulnature the more beautiful the facades of the house. so usuallyin houses the walls are something sewn up in order to make a houseoutwardly beautiful.

in this case, the beauty of the facades createsit is the surrounding nature your home will be such that around it. friends, write in the comments - do you like such an idea and would you like yourself a house withsuch glazing. i will be very interesting to read your comments.but it is worth noting that in this case one of the walls where is the entrance to the house still notglass, and made of wood. generally, the first glass house - philipjohnson in the usa and was built in 1949. but at home it is with a mirrorglazing is a newer direction namely mobility andmodularity of such houses, perhaps, in this case is unique

this house is suitablefor a weekend stay or for the so-called direction of essence, this is a mix between a regular campsite. and more comfortable accommodationexpensive hotels. that is you are relaxing in nature but not in a tent with facilities under a bush and in modern comfortable housing, where there istoilet, shower, kitchen, comfortable bed, heating, ventilation and wi-fi.there is a forest around you and nobody cares. that is, it is suitable for those people who are tired ofthe city, wants to live surrounded by forests nature, but not ready to give upfrom urban blessings. therefore, such names as glamping - glamorous camping.also this house is suitable for renting.

on sites like booking orairbnb. if you have money and land, then you can buy yourself suchhouse. lease it out, in two or three years recoup all investments and make money dimensions on the outer contour 6.3by 3.3 m height 3.1 m. thus the area of the housethe external contour is approximately 20 square meters. according to the internal 18 m2. weight of the finished house 5tons, but at the same time as the foundation the simplest columnar ones will do.foundations and similar. it is important to note that this house can alsobe temporary. for example, you can rent somewhere a place, for example, in the forestby the lake. put this house there.

if you don't like something, you can calm it.further transfer to another place. the house is a durable, constructive scheme of the house ofsteel frame, aluminum facade system and with double glazing. it can be transported, both in ready assembled and indisassembled. the glass is ordinary not impact resistant. but for example, ifyou put this house on the golf course and afraid that the ball canbreak the glass this glass can be replaced byimpact resistant. the thickness of the insulation in the floor, in the roof and in the wall of the house - 200 millimeters.insulation used here mineral wool construction of one house takes 200 working hours

installation on site takes less than one day. this house was built in 2017. the company that manufactures these houseslocated in estonia but supplies these homes around the world. also possibledelivery to russia and cis countries. and now i propose to go inside andat home, let's see what's interesting there. let's go. upon entering we fall intokitchen-living room there is no vestibule, but with such modestdimensions of the house is logical however, at the entrance there is a wardrobe, coat hooks andmat. i want to note that in this part at the front door there is a warm floor. whatvery comfortable - the mat will always be clean

warm and also shoes will always be the right of the entrance is a comfortable double bed. hanging above the bed is beautifuldecorative wooden element which including performsshelf function. also in this room there is a kitchen andrecreation area. the kitchen is equipped sink and faucet lockers fortrash, for food and built-in fridge pay attention to the wallover the kitchen. heating in the house is air, in particular,air conditioning is installed here with room heating and cooling as wellremote unit air conditioner is on the street. the place to rest is presentedin the form of an interesting form of armchair, table

padded stool and shelving and then you can go to the bathroom which from the kitchen-living roomseparates the translucent partition pay attention to the door, sheopens both ways, it is very convenient take over. the bathroom has a shower. all pipe routing goes hidden inrack that side of the room. there is no pallets, all the water goes to the floorand then merges into the hole in the floor. also there is a toilet, and above the toiletthere is a rack for storage of various inventory and also a boiler for hotwater.

the flooring is made of ceramic tiles. finishing of walls and ceiling in the housemade of laminated oak panels the floor in the room is also made of wood. but the main feature of this interior of course it isglass walls and the view from the window. generally, friends, i wish you all to wake upmornings and see such beautiful views. the place where we live, rest, spendtime - greatly affects our character our mood and generally onour success in, friends, now evening and now you can seewhat the interior of the house looks like in the evening. in view of the fact that this house hashotel room concept

that lighting is muted. in the ceilingbuilt-in lights and a bedside lamp a large areaglazing for those who want privacy easilyis solved with the help of curtains i went outside, actually, you see howlooks like a house in the evening outside. this is the side of the house where is the bathroom. howsee, here you can see everything inside so, if you decidewash in the evening in the shower, then keep in mind that you can see from the street. although, on the otherhand, given that the house is located, in principle, in general, almost in the foresti think that you can not worry about it. this is another part of the house, as you can seethere is a bed, the interior is visible,

therefore, although the glass and mirror, but neverthelesswhen the light comes on in the evening. then everything is visible from the street. so thatkeep this in mind and of course the curtains will not be superfluous. surely, you already have questions - how muchit will cost home heating the exact cost of heating in winterdifficult to determine since it depends on the habits of people living in the house,as well as winter temperatures. but in the coldest month of winter in estonia,heating costs about 80 euros. also in the house there is a ventilation hood, oneis in the room above the entrance door and two hoods inthe bathroom is one above the toilet and the second above the shower

i also want to note thatthis concept is also possible for other purposes. for example,under office, cafe, restaurant, spa, studio for musicians, artists, home office andetc . and now about the value of the house. all the things that you saw-ready housefurniture, interior, equipment it all costs 45 000 euros friends, contactsthe company that built this house will be in the description below the video. i am also very interested to know your opinion about this modular home. do you like these at home, write about it in the comments. i will be veryit is interesting to know your opinion and read your comments. soon the channel will be morenew interesting homes.

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