minecraft modernes haus bauen anleitung

minecraft modernes haus bauen anleitung

how to make a mcdonald's how cool is it on the inside? it's super duper cool, but i'm not going to spoil all that for you! :d i've tried keeping the video high quality and fast-paced, enjoy! today's build is going to be so large it won't fit on my island... luckily, i know a place. this video has taken forever to make, so i hope you take time to enjoy it! :d i'm skipping the most boring parts and you can fast forward as you please..

i'll start out digging out the shape of the ground level blocks i'll be placing.. we're done and it looks like we found ourselves a friend too! it's weird-looking, but it'll make building much easier. i won't talk much, just build. i'll regularly give some overview shots as well. this is going to be a sidewalk and a road. this way, both pedestrians and drivers can enjoy a tasty meal! if you have the time, i'd appreciate if you rated or commented the video! :] i have not heard from all my subscribers, but i'd love to.

this yellow marking will later indicate the drive-through. now that that is done, it is time for the floor inside, which is quite fun. i'll begin by marking areas with the patterns that will be used.. these are all the seven types of flooring that's going to be used. i've decided not to skip the floor building part, i found it fun to do. you can act like you're a ping pong ball richocheting off all the walls.. skip a few minutes ahead if this makes you dizzy. :] using the magic of editing, i now have a much needed pickaxe, how convenient! now it's time to fill in the gaps, equally as fun! :d

so satisfying.. here's what it looks like, can you guess what each room is for? :i let's do something a bit more interesting. a tall sign will make sure this can be seen from far away! this is my blocky version of the mcdonald's logo. :i now it's time for the walls, i'll be skipping most of it! now just add clay blocks on top of the brown clay. soon the fun can begin, just need to add windows and a final layer of wall. i'll leave this part in, it'll give you a good overview of the entire building as it is. :i

again, feel free to skip ahead. now it's time to build some of the more fun stuff, in my opinion! :d i'll be making the tables and chairs, soda dispensers and the counter. i've decided to make some tables along some walls. this way there's more space and it looks less cluttered.. coming up: the kitchen! these are supposed to look like all the cash registers.. this is the ice cream dispenser! hay kind of looks like fries.. :]

finally, i'll add the backlit menu deals that they display over the cashiers! later, we'll add controls for all the lighting in the building. now it's time for the toilets! there's one for men, women and the staff. this toilet is for men only, indicated by the blue tiles. this toilet is for women only, indicated by all the pink tiles. looks good! this toilet is for every member of the staff.. :] finally, i add a back door to the kitchen..

you can decide whether you want the lever on the inside or outside. many mcdonald's have a play room, so i'll ad that as well! i've decided to go with simple colorful tubes. you could add swings and all sorts of things if you wanted. looks interesting from above! the interior is pretty much done, now it's time to make the outside beautiful! first, add a layer of quartz blocks to keep the rain out.. now it's dark inside, time to make some adjustments to the roof! i'll be adding lighting through skylights and redstone lamps.

lining up the skylights with the windows will make it look like more light is coming from the windows. i'm playing with dark brightness settings, so this will be much lighter if you turn that up. :] let's connect the lamps to a single lever. we also need to connect the lamps behind the counter. :i we just need to find them.. now it's time to decorate the outside! this is supposed to look like some kind of ventilation vent. we also need to make some additions inside. now this backlit menu looks super cool! :d

more outside decoration! whoops.. now it's even more recognizable! this just makes walls that are too simple a little more interesting.. :] we are also going to add this trash container at the back.. we're pretty much done! let's explore what we've built. looks cool at night! i find the drive-through a little too dark though..

i'll be adding another lamp above the drive through. i hope you enjoyed this video. i'm impressed you made it to the end, hope you can use this in your world!

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