minecraft haus bauen modern

minecraft haus bauen modern

(subtitles reviewed by south gamez!) how to make a starbucks today, we build a starbucks! i'm going for a modern style coffee house with a green color theme. we begin by digging a hole for the floor. the hole will be 10 blocks at its widest and 15 blocks at its longest. it's a weird looking shape, i'll give you an aerial view in a second! aerial view: floor layout now for the floor! the materials needed for the floor are 15 lime stained clay, 15, green stained clay, 5 brown stained clay, 26 polished andesite, 25 grey stained clay, 61 dark prismarine, 8 spruce wood planks and 14 oak wood.

the floor is quite complex actually, so i'll give you the next aerial view as soon as i'm done. i haven't really worked a lot with prismarine before, but i think it blends in perfectly! hmm... seems like i'm short of prismarine. gotta cut! nevermind, i'm an idiot. aerial view: floor layers now for the rest of the building. except the roof! what the f*ck?! that's literally too many items. i don't think this is very good for your knees... another overview incoming!

aerial view: wall layers and parts of the starbucks now that we're done with the basic structure, let's furnish! a simple coffee machine... beans, spices, cups and whatever else you need to brew a cup of coffee should be on this table! try making some cozy areas for people to enjoy their latte. ..which was actually 1 hour later. aerial view: furniture the building is almost ready for a roof! this tree...

avert your eyes, this is going to be ugly. these are supposed to look like closed umbrellas. i'm going to show you how to make the banners at the end of the video. forgot something inside... this is the best starbucks logo i could make. if you have a better way, tell me in the comments! i'm adding a lamp to this corner to keep it well lit everywhere. aerial view: structure without the roof looking fancy! finally, the roof...

the rails look kind of like a vent. the finished look once again! as promished, here's how you make the banners! first, the starbucks logo. now for the umbrella banner.

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