youtube schlafzimmer neu gestalten

youtube schlafzimmer neu gestalten

make your small bedroom looks fascinating and wider with the practical ideas to makeover your small bedroom do you want to know it? let’s find the following ideas to makeover your small bedroom by 1. simply blue sky what makes you feel cozy at a small bedroom? of course, a nice decoration and interior design take an important deal with it. why don’t you apply a simply blue sky idea for your bedroom? this bedroom idea brings you to the sky with the blue sky decoration and interior design.

the wall is dominated by blue sky with a floral ornament. meanwhile, the bed is also blue sky with two pinky stairs matching so much to this bedroom design. 2. diy creative bedroom design a small bedroom is not limiting your creativity. you need to improve your creativity to design and decorate this bedroom. diy bedroom designing idea is a right choice. you should set two beds in a small bedroom. the first bed is put in the ground floor

and the second one is set on the roof. it can accomodate more people but limiting the space. don’t forget to set wooden stairs to connect the upper bed to the lower one for being an easy access. 3. white classical bedroom design the next idea for small bedroom is a white classical design. it is same as its name in which it is dominated by white color and furniture items. white bed looks shady to keep in the center of the bedroom. white ornaments and white carpet make it look really stunning. don’t forget to put pine tree in the side of the bed.

it makes the bedroom atmosphere different. if you want to blend another color. grey is much recommended to apply in this room. 4. pinky bedroom design what else is another design for small bedroom? you can apply pinky designing idea. put some pink furniture items in this small bedroom such as chair, books, ornaments, telephone box, love ornament, and cushion. those make this bedroom look girly and feminine.

try to mix and match with white color. pick white bed to get it cute and nice. you may put uk flat carpet in this room. it looks so unique and creative to see in this small bedroom for a different view. 5. bed–centered design the last design that can be applied is bed–centered design. put a big size bed in the center of the small bedroom. look, it makes the space of small bedroom full. because it is too full, don’t put too many ornaments in it

because it makes it too narrow. just put a round small table and a kind of plant to refresh atmosphere. the white wall looks so eye catching and calm for such a small bedroom. so, apply it now. that's it come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later and thanks for watching

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