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of about who make up media radios game of maybe afew for obama it in by the mathematical with andreabrotherhood you know that will be on the job reporting theelection story the quickly as it develops you've been listening to the p_b_s_radio workshop and sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenuenw story of the white threatened by your great help friendlyterrain and conducted by charles farm narrated by p_b_s_ use sharp on alanjackson

and produce directed in new york by paulraut that is not a hike reminding you of thatfrom now on the p_b_s_ radio workshop will be heard on the new day and a new time over most of the famoustation for the highly imaginative productionsof the p_b_s_ radio workshop pyuen every sunday afternoon here at the start of the from manila the c_b_s_ radio workshop funny they happen to be on the way tothe studio

i met a woman who lee with back someone who's frequentathens at ned to track the day media radio present dedicated demand imagination that the other of the month this afternoon the workshop examinesanother little understood aspect of man's behavior in public with more the joe miller joke book

produced in hollywood by william androbeson and conducted by doctor frank stevebaxter professor of english literature at the university of london telephone doctor that and it became clear that you're a deliveryto the and programs so i will tell you to you one of the aerial jokes and the other a talk on literature ofthat don't touch the vial believe me

this is all one program well my own interest in the ancient we is a scholarly one stemming from the fact that jokes andalways had a very real part literature at least as long as we have the spokenword moreover has always been a hardeningfeeling of immediacy about jokes not only because so many of topical but because in one way or another we all use jokes with gratifying

regular some of us tell a joke beforethe fire point we wish to make to entertain to enhance ourselves once in the opinionof others or perhaps we tell them fully laudatorypurpose of relieving the tedium of some delegated now i can best show you what i mean by bringing you a few examples perhaps of aclassic joe a classic teller untypical occasion let's start with a man who's almost asemi pro in the field the after dinner

speaker of friends a employer watchesi'm not going to talk to an hour in fact uh... the brother the of myremarks reminds me of what enabling them one said when it hit it suggested maybe lincoln'slegs were through on note and the president said i reckon there just long enough they'll reach the grown don't but a balldoesn't let this lets bowl the self-appointed light to the partyand hate to think that you have the latestare not the farmer's daughter aa

well up on our good enough you can nevergot any and all that and the in a moment men with professional who used toprobably as for example now to deliver and successful trial lawyerladies and gentlemen of the jury i assure you i mean final credits in themy worthy opponent who found it necessary to adapt to talk to lower thanthat but he didn't put me in mind a littlefarmer they tend to get them to import one day it seems if i was thinking of you one piece of

straw did time neighbor old hickoryfinally said feeding him who let wait and i'm going to take a long time wailed general the rustic at sony may plead with you for months time to is to put all jacket pat delight overlooked the determined to make yourpoorly will be looking at the greater husband daily when he returns we'llgrueling day at the office henry dot

died back then we'll act like you it believe that it an agreement the hanging around your invented theinternet and are you lifted up that movement and picking padded room review on doingfinally the man who's living depends on telling jokes the canadian anybody you know like green card marlon note note that in my boy whygreencard more than that they they did

not go bed it caught up with accountthat there are those i'm a little bond the happily then those prisoners now admittedly these were old old jokes but if you make the common error ofclassifying them as joe mothers you're wrong they're much older everyone of those jokes in one form or another was already old before joemiller was born dilemma by third wrote that there areyou trying to tell us that the actually wanted john miller

mobile record includes williamsburg we do know that he died in london and seventeen hundred and thirty eightby getting john miller led the team joke the died the whole of the contra and joe millerdied his jokes live on forever not only did you know i would uh... you know if any of them have been a cutemondo there was an actual working but oddly enough not only did joe millernever other adult himself the book

bearing his name was published more thana year after he died paul allen denied say hello malice still alive and it's on my payroll as awriter under an assumed name eat my brother-in-law but dagde you made somepretty fantastic allegations are you able to approve any part of them withoutcounselor it happens that i have with me severalmonographs written by joe muller's own contemporary you know one of the lawdoctor that would be inadmissible as evidence it's hearsay out-and-out hearsay

however as you can pay me dead acceptable proof would be that callplaced itself now that pretty ridiculous of men you and grown in it isn't quite as impossible as it mighthave foreseen thrown out what sort of mumbo-jumbo with that in the local produce your melayu cannotdot rectangle i don't see why shouldn't try to producein variety murky agent

supersonic animation or automation mechanical brainstechnology more by pulling them marlon even though i do not pretend myself tobe a pure scientist radio sometimes duty those causes a worthy one and the end ofisaac steven materializing joe miller merits looming means that never very far away thesedays now here beside me i just happen to havea mammoth mechanical brain i answered this punch card in it

i_d_ press buttons a so i throw the switch mark go go go and behold we get buildings as their only way you bye bye bye this is doctor frank back through theuniversity of southern governor god stuck there they'll that about

no job up to date right now i'd like you to drop down here it is down in the funeral that i would drop down for a few momentsdown into the questions that i have orient it dr will know that he let me focus that novel pass that first plunder headon the left trying chocolate but floppy gathering upyou miller's landslide i'll most likely

tarnished rainbow i'd yesterday baxter cut workout at out donor and what did your job is to be theartery that richard dot there that and the dominant hill i want to know howmuch i appreciate this corporation really is dead and open a fellow studentthere non-entity

would you just tell my friends here whoyou are what you were what connection that i knew you had withat famous book entitled your mother's death vote jobmailer yes talks on at the end up with the natopointed at the bottom up we could work right but my comment with the p_l_o_compartment of elected to that testimony the preventing air alleges you neverknow digital elisa leather split one if you got them i was in meetings with the d_n_a_ inlondon theatres and a splendid ratifies

the thermostat there which i gather you doing playing with the meeting could be viewedat another comic carl at that time in london we had a third diode critique of thedrama hewitt head one from margaret them out there was an ad that you readthat the other night they predict which was the gathering place for all themonthly bank that was there

from that the other the royal oak coventgarden and good night john day he who wrote the beggars opera amongother things admit that the president is the four ofthem the actor or is the writers of middaythis week but famous public household fortunes freaked by it and well together on this this made this monthly at a good thing going for him whichprevented him much

although it was equilibrium with chickenand inhumane he had a racket you though that there are active the symbolic would enact a bi-monthly orally and infact he could hold it monthly into would publish gruelingthough pieces on the players performances accepting to which i would not call goodfor you only female economic thanks madame and he had to have to be perfect thingthat makes you business for two

resume that i had with come into the complete true so that you can understand about that an evening performance i would do betterthan to have them burning mafia need no reason companionspencer code at the table the body of his reserve on the exclusively reading the are women who served in themiddle and dave miller alright already then what happened

it up tonight concentra docs by a good opinion mafia became delivery to be determinedhe was showing me perimeter to order the leading to a deviant when they when he came upon an ancientguest so korechi of the drug that was thatprompted you determine his job to destroy me hehad come he waited until uh... ready environment and and and and thenyou are here

have again italian repeatedly told me by that in thatpopulate pgdbm none other than inhumanity hildegun movement gave him a little bit in theand then add kidney that benlate married to a widow how he agreed with his wifemom as well never replied when i am mary she is minimal and said do you think butwhen i go out i'm married to go from other and whenever you can she is stillat the scene have been included in the groom'simpactful monthly with unveiled a plan to get people details of the lead

lapping up deterrent that will be in a little bitbut i don't get it and decision to explain this unexpectedoutburst of met olivia bataya after a dynamic a bit controlled by muslims into a complete determined the more ityet implemented commodore illuminated likethat that specular but it on monday that the naked body youdon't know it's not in any help you and that i was

him up to the um... pick updated andthen you could have ended up with demand name out into the ground in it they found that prescribe it gets to meit was better instrument than it had been written by lloyds copping out over on that night on all attention katestowed in the city were made at my door but monthly because deflated finallyagreed to that of environment how did he do that too so identified today become your guestsand guy that neither the present in a very worth it in oregon for promotions

infantile attitude idiom so no theatrical manager london wouldgive the employees i'd i'd not too long after a broken that uh... in an arab anger you know thatyou're still having to explain that book fairly no name on it accommoda but upon my demise at one but they are threefish food publisher of polio so often helped monthly and proposed hecollected deadliest difficult being told

that published on the has you'll know that microtubules have anything to do withthe publication which might perpetuate my name unburied kept it in the persiangulf a profit mcnair then the attorney there is a fortune inthe book could get i wouldn't have been associated withgentlemen act of two more day s unfriendly i'm tom o'neill politically on i'm not gonna happen dynamic

how much from rei from a book of shield i do not acceptthe rewards are limited we're going to miles comedy of biblepublished in fifteen fifty five the year coming up in the funds to publish thebible bike issuing a collection of jokes nine use area the one-day trip a hundred many to you and i think you're going to think thatif the court jester aunty armstrong

public people and boot volumes utilitieswill be bound moved on you join me in the enterprise allyeleven and one of the weekend roland and those are my briefcase wouldkill me that and i do not need to be the laughing stock i took that boundaries jokes but not and that my own name we should create a pseudonym for theacknowledged education and on and uh... you aware of the improv

sordid story of do members guests or thewith moneygram edited by alleged jenkins esquirepublished by peer reviewed and odom indicted seventeen thirty nine well and i'm like you to do that i must be going fossil flute by you going to gohahahahahahahaha panels that pep talk to them that they don't all have a lab topractice but never did i preach

militant this team gentleman yugi's pasta time when i looked at them parties but sweeps on joe weight the election replay you somehow for allthe troubled which we put hooked on the loans at managing your money than him atthe time but not all part of your car parts

simple thrown up on a long probably wellperhaps certainly shakespeare use money fund great john milking the unitedstates make them opponent of the basis of a lot of could you look at what thejob right open up what you all at that the one about missus cats well that was in the bedroom if there's another props more acceptableversion if you can hear very well then ambassador joke demonstrators wereversion thirteen b_ of the missus pat guilt

i never thought i'd get here i would betthat backed by a man eating ramen on maintaining rabbit the island in a restaurant in any manawill try to get the dot william heaven forbid dislike mostjobs too what is practically no news is whichroom now let me show you how this is donehistorically joe moyer's job number ninety nineplease and that it wasn't about the film he wasforty and brought upon the gentleman for hisopinion

i do not darted mentally bloody becausei have another juices over the last ten years uh... a now but he will mister motley dot that wouldinclude in the duma logo uh... let's have a parallel job from armstrong's book published sixteen thirty please we'recooperating didn't speaking of aids and she was forty wonderland use whispered to hiscompanion

i have not completed this believe it reminiscent of independent union uh...the hello late night that i don't know healing even the numbers alden and yeah but the fact was armstrong because that job the job he took his jobfrom was current back in latin times in roman times in such a rose day and itwent like this or nobles visceral they had all of the last six years butthirty-some-odd

would it be truly most between or i have heard that these last twenty-year cannot under other example doctor yet tocome up with that that i've got my pencil a notebook already but they'vegot to be better than that although dozens of examples hand-written some i cant even quote because of therobustness elizabethan humor and others which today are interstingnot for their shimmering with but only the scholars who seek sources

there several jokes appearing in thehundred mary tales printed and fifteen hundred but the book the checks for new andreferred to by the way the hundred meri tales of fifteenhundred their jobs their as well as a marquee armstrong and joe miller alsomore if not the same and few of them are funny today but thatthey were planning one thousand blanketed a let me give you one final example now here's another joke just as itappears in armstrong seventeenth-century

both to let that happen warned that it all the other ofexceeding most-active or walking together and gentlemen seeing and candidly plan younger go hygienic and among countries you call that a silk dot one time a goodjob in a good job in indonesia lloyd grateful using it as a springboard let's take amuch more recent version which dates

back only a few years american fear the landmark is low andthe producer early schubert were familiar figures on broadway markets low in the schubert half of thepast one day and this was their greeting highly high lol the uh... you know that there was rightwhen he wrote in love's labours lost suggests prosperity lies in the era ofhim will use it never in the tongue of you who makes ityet that that that you're quoting shakespeare of course

seventy would be really only about onefunny y well as a matter of fact i have a lot ofon hit and this is a dangerous business valve one of you will be good enough tomove that chopping block a little closer altman's and my collar in late my backon the block and i think that that let's not give a frantic whirlwindsuspenders waiting for that identity military name back in well i suppose so seems to me by the way that that when we laugh most of the time welab had someone who was doing something

we'd like to do we're also inhibited andruled unregulated bylaws that whenever we see any person getting on second base safely doingsomething of that we'd like to do and camp we acknowledge with a warm satisfaction of laughter the existence of one of our follows whofor a moment gets free resulted to ourselves up by which i've said that uh... which i've done that

or i wish i'd seen that you might call this the i wish all atheory and i wish i where adopted that's pretty much a generalityadmit yes of course though one theory explains all jobs to be specific why doesn't one of you tell his favoritejoke to the others and see if they think its funding on the way not that that'snot why not let the comedian calamander provided violated

but make this one the same is an asylum animated looking a little wall watchingthe garden work finally said faithfully what do you do that god has his wife by puttingfertilizer almost strawberries because of ice creams audio like that like what name onlineand they call me crazy but highly giant and i wish i hadn't haggard

until i know not to know became the farmer's daughter and thefarmers car driving back home with the money they just got in town selling arag some of the promised by two month and atthe protein so he whispered to his daughter many cleek pick that money in nineteen ninety well you know that if you have told anolder man couldn't find the money which made themselves or they kick themout and took the car i want to make sure they were safe tofarmers said

you can't really lucky lorelei let you know i've been a long weekendagenda carter the dont furthered w dot could i speak with you a moment with thepresident wants homeowner back again what do you but this idiotic i can'timagine that literally with none of my dealings the of course it isn't that whyi'm glad you're back you left before i could ask you to dine with me well iuh...

i really couldn't turn over hit traveling up the doc but uh... well i should make an exception with dr even so do sit long since i've had ended solid food and uh... but what should the menu d however state to state district strikeyou fiction it's

for printing single then perhaps say some of thepolls california green more that they were uh... static today at the gastricjuices and what can we have with the coffee andlive anything you choose to which you would have strawberries doctors loyalist or break your heart desires allleft for me to attend to strawberries for you

like you know why strawberries from thepicket because i want to see what you would put on your list all over indiathe well let's let barbara in wilmut yes so the with saudi making vol made your own is just both leaders unrest indeed k the production of colloquy poor thegentleman little with doctor frankie baxter professor ofenglish literature at the university of

south in california colloquy for was written directed andhollywood by paul franklin included in the cast where virginia gregjoke earns peter leaders ben wright dog butler howard maturity level until forty sound effect live dot days from hollywood the c_b_s_ radio workshop id spaces radio rotation broadcasting onthe link micro specialty scs which at

about correspondent coming i did not get standby please we are trying to getthrough radio rotation two did not get in kenya com and did not get studios radio presents the c_b_s_ radioworkshop dedicated to manza visits users some weeks ago itself resented playlist in which the novelist robert mitchumdescribed the planet venus submitted

broadcasting world there mister nixondescribes all cultures it might appear to the man of six thousand based upon the story and services was mydecision businesses yes says have speaking from the great all it is a lot antiquity that kenya if i buy some on the little strain

i've become infected with the excitementof the scholar airdrie city of the reports from thatthe other expeditions on the great west conference as you know as part of the world live celebration of this astrophysical nine fifty six a_d_ knowledges seven working for months inthe tumuli uninhabited continent

our staff correspond at the time in a sub in just a moment we'll hear them inperson but prayers side yet this microphone is arrived onboard vegetation and jerry listeners some hand discoveries may be announced today bus i gather that would be cheating yeah yes i suppose it would but i will saythis

i believe we all agree that we have comelook great distance in understanding the winds since the first part of facts weredug up in the city mall in the boxed in are some prefer to pronounce it bostiannearly two hundred years ago ones in this case and that's right and ivory cross attached tosome beads and are rusted iron preview apparentlydesigned to run along some kind of track but alas scarcely enough upon which topostulate a culture alternative to civilization and so for more than a century the greatwest continent has kept its secrets

and other discoveries are made with an apple yes from time to time hunters perspectivesand other adventurers return from that deserted and forbidding land withfragments of scroll what they will completely meaninglesshieroglyphics until the discovery some years ago ofthe talking this global lead ends that's the city ma that the extreme south of the greatwestern isn't exactly at the most of the immensely by dr river

the mrs it was their and the winds of seventynine forty that an expedition under my esteemedcolleague lunch we discovered the disk in an astonishing state of preservation since the discovery means gave us officeindication of the identity of the people of we i thought perhaps it would not beinappropriate to hear it now is that the original u_s_ coal mine no this is a copytranscription of it

the original is never removed from thevaults of the museum but it is a faithful copy here uh... shop o well uh... uh... no out less money is essential might be interesting but lovers of me with its actual meaning is obscure but don't you realize that this humanvoice speaking to us from six thousand

years ago as part of the sound of everyletter symbol in all the glitz and scrolls we have to stop we don't know thanks to the great deducted scholarshipof strong hunch we that these people who so often describedas schools with the letters you espy referred to them so we did not know how to pronounce youlisten a prior to the discovery of the disco ball d now we know that usa

ends is incorrect and the symbols u_s_ a up properlypronounced so thank you i believe this ride is at the same and or with already rhodesia reporter change catfish oddball

all estimation and his distinguishedprofessor and dean of the advance cool it in the length of time nail university straw fung shui andagreeing to my colleagues in the field as well as back home is is indeed a great installed it forthe on on another this just as the talking distiller teams gaveis the secret of the winds language i believe the singing distance javal mayindicate music of billions sustains of theinscription on the does drive suite

what is this a date is somewhat unclear and interest i can make out it's is service soon hi atvs easily so add me ease what is the main i haven't the slightest idea but let'slisten to the music has

sits that's used dream it is is that usesthem into the usd nine hundred colleges ho out uh... all squeezed and here solicited op heart at media cratchit although thank you miles andfree state mistaking yes that stopped that's alright ceremony

yes perspective scripture stopped answers foss pressed sincerely don't tripped up by five translationiraq's karnataka suspects i quote and rescue and back accompanist etc calls left by a rock after all outcries screen uh... i'll

car at all all sick call uh... quote your mind is always trouble like and dot it was a music static but off by artful catcher and now up to that unscheduled butexceedingly interesting interchange

between two long-time friends and associates wecontinue our report on the wind from the far end of the continent uh... let's pick up is from the does are sometimes lasers prefer movesankle who's at the end of the great lessemotion we taking them out the next noise you hear will be of ourstaff correspondent amphibian

initiation speakeasies the excavations made a big brown sales of los angeles and heavy side b isthe head of this particular expedition and the only woman scientistparticipating says myslef the hindi dividendsfemininity at the university of that i was most interested in the contents ofthe are the heimlich just made upon thereally did you see uses of the finest shot

because out here we too have come up on objects whichhave for the first time lettuce to be that the weeds do he'd have a primitive village referring to the golden eye precisely repeat it is a smaller communities surroundingthe samples we had about these small statues castaway among the puffery shedsand i think she was depressants of so

many of the golden fetishes indicatesbeyond a shadow of a doubt the existence of a considerable cult of pasquale aesop sensation of sets in schools provethe guy's name to be for several months we've been searchingfor the people of this kind in this area of which it's very name indicates that itwas once a place of generation and worship even i can safely reporting today thatwe have done this the temple alaska

eighties not la nobody his distinguished from all theothers in archaeological history in one important respect one expects to review the record of anyspaces also stressed those scenes of ancienttemples the other record has been placed on the floor the court is laid out in squares and ineach square out the inferences eat they signify

my specialty is archaeology not kind of these is that they would intentions to the ground us ka the footprints were perhaps those of hispriests or perhaps sacrificial victim zilliontranslate any of them here's one that says objectors look at this one there's the imprint of what looks like

spectacles this that once it is there is one of which looks like it is indicate at the sacrifices as increased although quite possibly certainly some of the net being put through a human to prove their devotion to this ancientgod

thank you's as business this is your chair teddy returning youdid you not get engineer looking in his area starbuck has been joined by is gone of the levee out data neo-geo physical sciences well so what do you think of that the other partso far splendid splendid

they substantiate my theory that thewinds had at least a semblance of culture uh... limits tumi you'll feel is unconvincing as your translation ofthe name of the wind capital the those witnesses lived the glyph for washing means laundry and the wind lift

stands for unit of weight hints laundry your wouldn't say washington it wouldn't make any sense lo i mustconfess we have never lived wat was washed at phone laundry as well so as this is most interesting that the expedition that nyuk site is ready to make its report so

ali thank you now we are rhodesia correspond cali diego hundred feet below the surface andbelieve me straws in stresses in just a moment maybe witnessing a great historicoccasion but here's the head of the annual expeditions robert first lady totell you about himself indeed is and you the least and at last we have arrived at the scene all which made with

would be the entrance to it cool above it is a gift which sends thesenate is the needs c these name seems to be meters news we should breakthrough the store managing to describe who walked eve anything we find beyondinclude stocks s it's sis

it down there well what is it strongly unit usgs indeed a no on these next year conclusions and into gone hoops of uh...

heavily sticks to move yes and over that tiny effigies tiny wagon engineer bo rooms in cooking pots in perfectcondition there appear to be more chambers began and is there anyindication of sarcophagus or mummies none so fast mommy's issues you would call that itwas the custom of many interview people today the king's along with the resumeand uh... household boobs to assure them comfort inncompanion to the mix well

the gypsies were moved to balance inthese matters i'm afraid i don't believe completely soi lied and i'm sure our listeners would like a further explanation do the me we are on the air that but for governor mean it soonest rawls assesses i'd becarried away by the amazing significance of these five we have obviously penetrated the tomb ofthe great keenan seo president image of a transition rosa ofthe william

ni si excuse me so i would guess thatyou found the nominated me seasonal but in this case cheaper something moststrange cease com includes s is indeed a strange and wonderfulsights also stresses we are moving now from the main chamber of the two men toa side chamber and and now i like beans are reflectedby rosen rosen gigantic class size each in its own polish box uh... what i have a strong although thislady you choose as a dot

numbers on it you see leave numbered from one and two thirty of mystic significant slowdown yes but nothing happened cooled that weare not william these strange cycle pian boxes most of her great significance fortheir season on tv designates

no value hughes nineteen mean fifty seats is too yes blitz eve spectrograph and he she we insist before the box and in the box is a seasonally indeed in the

allies of some soul dot div div williamswatched the i wanted the i watched the winter no question that in the exhaustive russo its condolences but slowly they can uhazard a guess why so many of these eyes have been put in the tomb of thepotentates litigation is button gays he must have been demands and being thateven all students who wish to walk through these allies what these peoplewere doing

he weaves through these ideas of his people more here those people who indeed and householdlugar's levy would you say that this coverage thistomb of macy's overshadows importance your honor thing of the great little inyour translation of its message which as indicated how the winds met there andyou do don't you we had hoped to broadcast from the sideof the temple but of course we can't be two places at once uh... count

bus sab bahar emblematic back home atthe museum already has my report on the temples inscription i'm sure he will be glad to give itfrankly i'm unwilling to tear myself away from all and i quite understand so i a lady sothis is coming to you at the tomb of macy emmanuel returning into the key museumandy not yet although there's levy for an excitingremote house rock on

i want to be good enough to levy suggestion suggestion yes the report on the templeinscription that daniel yes of course i must confess i was so carried away with the magnitudeof this newest find i'd quite forgotten naal for the other great discovery astraw although this lady we now have definite proof apollo thewilliams perished

for weeks strobel does t_v_ has beenexcavating a great temple not far from where he has now discovered the plume ofme see he gave me an all confidence the intelligence he has now asked me todevote on the little of this temple he has found this fragmentary glyph which he translates as follows snow marlene

nor gloom of night appointed the district obscure law winner trouble cong it is incomplete some of the high road blocks are missing appointed were all s what does that mean

but first you must realize trouble cong with the hop and the w are readilyinterchangeable in both the hits like undignified languishes you will thenadmit this may be so in the asian women homesick argument very well done instead of their appointed rollins the phrase may twelve mean pointed

display if not did my one point about the rest of it with long and be considered laugh lagoon would be translated and might fright end point of view

the tragic story of the end of the week the north so when offering the north joomla fright the pointed in other words invaders from one off annihilated the inhabitants that sounds pretty good to me

lots where you remember the talkingdisco believes let me read pulled those historic andprophetic words to you oc um... notice the of this refers to the end ofmay damn yankees from the north ho there's no question about it north soul laughlin boom of fright

is billions perished by the wounds of the law to me this is someone it how did they have time to inscribed thisaccount of the united nations on a great marble temple befall them when i lived with it that'sthe obvious part of it does that in you know was the most populous city in the greatwest continents and play

because at the end it was bursting with the refugees the great cities filled to the them off right from the north chicago loose and those or enclose all the news home laundry and highland bastion was the last before knowing the fate of the others

who wins built this temple and inscribed upon it's great that untiltheir fate so that we came later might understand new sounds reasonable location what is that were you've read my option that's cruel

means elicited walton britannia as we have excavated rutan x are expeditions have switched to thesearch but that's on the place with a cityfalls in love strayed history i dare say we will never know anythingmall about the wins

mostly non-violent to evaluate them has a minor culture with a rudimentary religion devoted to agod named all-star who was worshipped by iraqi and the ruling they enjoy their brief moment in history establish their hegemony in the land ofwe by killing off the aborigines they evidently do the uh... such as it was

when the soul of rusted they died even as egypt's agrees leaving behind them curiousity milem a splendid too and things also society alice's commentators and announces whoever made possible thisreport

the greatest thing and of this astrophysical of seventy nine and fifty-six a speaking deal from the grave museum of antiquity acting yeahreturning spacec_b_s_ radio workshop is produced and directed in hollywood by william androbeson reports on the women's replace them

appears in the current issue of harper'smagazine radio version was written by misterrobeson and friend learned how to spell the scientists and commentators of sixthousand years from now included june foray byron canedo was bottler edgarbarrier earns georgia sent us and hans conrad next week from new york the c_b_s_ radio workshop werepresent the growth of our nation the story of the development of americatold him sound effects be with us then

want to every sunday evening current events comeinto sharper focus as prominent washington personalities are interviewedby a battery of top flight recorders on the c_b_s_ public-affairs feature facethe nation here face the nation for most of the same stations tonight staging for suspense which followsimmediately over most of the same stations

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