schlafzimmer neu gestalten ideen

schlafzimmer neu gestalten ideen

continuing the theme of natural wood, you can also note the factory venjakob. which combine a combination of natural surfaces and some very delicate textile solutions. the factory is used in the manufacture of furniture natural unpainted wood. for textiles, discreet colors are chosen. for the design of furniture characterized by clear lines and simple shapes. particular attention to detail and detail. come to the stand of my favorite factory, which makes cabinets. the tsar's factory.

they have a novelty this year - facades made of matte such glass. very pleasant to the touch. photo does not transmit the video, but the sensations are simply stunning from touching such a surface. and the colors are very beautiful. all these surfaces are frosted glass. touching them is a pleasure. this palette of natural veneers factory jutzler for facing sliding-door wardrobes. this version of the opening system.

here, a simple facade - painted mdf. but this guide is very convenient. now, swing doors are more popular. option to save space. it looks stylish and very original opening. the hit of this factory is fabric facades. i also saw it for the first time last year. this decision inspired me to make a closet in our office in this kind of technology. here is also the closet compartment.

very beautiful. the facade is so nice from the glass. everything is fixed directly to the cabinet. of course, such coupe systems look more neat and very cute. another brand, about which i will tell, is interlubke. stylish german factory impeccable quality and minimalistic forms distinguish this brand. the factory combines advanced design and the latest technology in its products also does not forget about usability, trivia

and attention to every detail of interior items. look at the elaborated elements for filling draw-out boxes. each element has a non-slip surface. designers of the brand are not afraid to experiment with color and its various shades. in combination with interesting engineering solutions, interior items look very unusual. create beautiful interiors yourself or with us. subscribe to our channel. all for now, until the new reviews.

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