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hi everybody it’s time for another diy video!! how are you today? i’m feeling really happy and a little bit hyper because i just had 2 coffees i’m happy because i’m going to be going home to canada very soon and i will be even more happy when i upload this video because i’ll be in canada at the time so actually right now i’m coming to you from the past i probably would have uploaded pictures on my social media or maybe even posted a vlog by now so you probably already know that i’m in canada, so i don’t really want to confuse you

because i can’t be in two places at once or can i?! actually if i could have one superpower that’s probably what i would choose; to be able to be in two places at once that would be amazing! so ya, this video is pre-filmed because i wanted to make sure that i had some content on my channel for you to watch while i’m gone because i’m not sure if i’m going to be vlogging or not.. i don’t know.. alright, should we start this video? we’re going to start with nail art this time what you’re going to need is some white nail polish, any brand will do

and a pink, blue, and yellow highlighter and also a top coat first paint your nails with 2-3 coats of white nail polish and let it dry fully then make little blobs all over with a pink highlighter they don’t need to be perfect and they don't need to be the same size, just like roses i’ve never really don't nail art on my channel but i saw this one and i thought it looked so easy and super cute! perfect for spring and summer! then using the blue highlighter, draw on some squiggly lines in-between the pink and white if you run into the pink a bit that’s alright because it will just have a bit of a pretty purple there too

next add the yellow highlighter here and there, in the same areas as the blue and that’s going to turn into a green shade, which will look like leaves! go over the pink again if you need to then let it dry and paint on a top coat you can do all your nails with the same design, or some here and there you can change up the colours, whatever you want! but the point is; these are with highlighters! and it’s just so easy to do and it looks so pretty! next up grab some rope. you can get any colour, shape, or size that you want

a bowl as a mould, a glue gun, lots of glue,and some scissors to cut the rope simply take your rope, add some hot glue and carefully wind it around in a spiral direction keep doing it until your rope is the same size as the base of the bottom of your bowl and then place it on your bowl continue to go around adding glue and adding more rope, go around and around until it builds up to the top these bowls are super cute and you can put anything inside! such as fruit, or your lush bath bombs, or you can make a little basket and give it as a gift and as i said before, you can play with the colours, shapes, and sizes.

when you’re happy with the shape just cut the rope and glue that top piece down then when it’s all dry carefully remove it off the bowl and there you go! you have your own bowl made out of rope! cute right? if your diys always screw upend never look like the pinterest ones, then this diy is for you it’s virtually impossible to mess this up! what you will need is a bunch of washi tape and a tile i found these (the tiles) at tokyu hands and they were 100 yen, so about $1.00 plan out your colour scheme and then just stick the tape in whatever direction you want

you can kind of just play with it and do whatever you want really! i went in diagonally and just placed them all the way down you can custom make these according to the colour theme of your home or other ideas are just making them bright for spring or summer, or pastel colours just add a sealant on top and that’s it! super easy and i just love the way these look around my house! last up we have a dream catcher what you will need is some string, some wire or a ring, scissors to cut that, and a clip or tape to hold the string

some beads, a doily or lace, and different fabrics start by cutting your ring and taping the ends together then cut a long enough piece of string and clip it to the top so that it holds in place, leaving a bit of string extra on the top wrap your string around the ring all the way tightly until it reaches all the way around to the other side these look so cute in your bedroom, or even outside in your garden and you can customise it to the colours you want, or the items you want on it once you get to the top, tie a knot so that it stays secure cut the top string but make sure that it’s long enough so you can hang it somewhere later

then stick your doily or lace or whatever you want in the middle poke your string through the hole, then up and over, then wrap it around and back through the middle of that loop twice before moving on down and though the next one i hope you can see through this video, it’s a bit confusing but i think once you’re doing it you’ll kind of get it anyways it doesn’t have to be perfect, just wrap it through the doily as you can, and whatever you think looks good it’s your dream catcher and you can make it however you want! when you make it around, tie your string in a knot again now add some pieces of cut up fabric you can use old t-shirts or clothes that you cut up or blankets or towels, or you can find some srap pieces in fabric stores

again you can customise this one to your room i’m just going for bright colours for the summer now you can add some beads if you want to, you can also add some feathers dream catchers are believed to give their owners good dreams so hang it up somewhere in your room, look at it, sleep well, and have sweet dreams! i hope you enjoyed all of my diys i have to say my favourite would be these coasters there’s something really relaxing about putting washi tape on things i don’t know, there’s certain things that make me feel really calm and happy, and that’s baking and making crafts

but there’s something extra satisfying about making these and putting together the colours and ya i think they turned out really good, i like the way they look! is that weird? if you try out any of these ideas be sure to tag me so that i can see them! and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and please remember to subscribe to my channel! i love you very much and i will see you in my next video! bye!!!

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