schlafzimmer dachschräge farblich gestalten

schlafzimmer dachschräge farblich gestalten

... exactly the same is also true forat home and if we want to rebuild we know what it looks like, but we can only imagine it difficult there is 3d planningsoftware for this. we have a family accompanying the just tried that. attic rooms are always such a special one challenge. jochen kehl sees himself confronted again in this case with protrusions, sloping walls and things like that. the daughter is moved out a long time ago, the customers of the interior designers now want a dressingroom with the possibility to accommodate a guest. the room is tall, narrow and has anything but standard dimensions. nevertheless,

abundantly unspectacular, a small sketch, then the gauge, finally every centimeter counts in the tube-like room and then the special case is used the tripod for the 3d camera is built in james bond could be jealous, even a 360â° shot of the empty room and finished. the appointment did not last very long. back in the mannheim exhibition space, the floor plan still moves into the computer. let's see: normally, it's a nightmare because in the room you would only get a normal cabinet on the big wall

which means you have a long hallway that you can barely use but of course it is predestined for a built-in cupboard. you can really make the most of the space: in the foreground, where the light is, you can make the floor area rather square and the back of the area is already dark and oblique, because just fit the built-in wardrobe accurately. so that's actually the ideal setting for a built-in wardrobe and the room is as used as it is with standard furniture could never have been used. okay, the idea is here and now the room is being rebuilt in the computer, installing the door, placing the sockets the 3d recording serves as a reminder

the computer has a few extras to offer: lamps, flower vases that can be placed on tables and all the ingredients for built-in wardrobes all the ingredients for built-in wardrobes usually, customers can never imagine what they can do with their rooms, even when i'm drawing or draw on the floor plan you can not really imagine it, and he is incredibly thankful that they are get presented virtually photo-realistic and you have a completely different feeling when you place an order there, than when you say, if there is the right one coming out afterwards.

a few days later there is a new appointment at home the design is now photorealistic rendered and with the tablet in the hand, the customers look at the result. it's a bit like walking in the finished room to look at the lamp on the ceiling is just as possible as walking in the built-in cupboard. we are excited. so of course the room looks totally different. every corner is used this corner, which we thought would not work, now has a cupboard with drawers and everything is perfect. incidentally, the clichã© that men, in particular, find it difficult to imagine a newly designed space, is something the interior design expert does not accept.

3d spatial planning is well received by both sexes

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