haus grundriss modern 3d

haus grundriss modern 3d

in this tutorial, i'm going to show you how to import 3d models into your sweet home 3d projects first open sweet home 3d and create a basic room. next, add the floor texture and wallcolor. open in your web browser search for sweet home 3d model catalog download. here you can download any 3dmodel you would like. for this example, i'm going to download tv stand, a tv, and picture frame.

now that your three models aredownloaded go back to your sweet home 3d project click on furniture drop-down andselect import furniture click on "choose model" navigate to yourdownloads folder select the object you want to import in this case i want to import the tv in the furniture import wizard check "add to catalog" box. for the category i will select living room. click continue.

as you can see, this modeltv isn't very big. width is one-and-a-half inches. depth is less than an inch andheight is under 2 inches. you can make this work by making changes in the import wizard. but for this example, i will just deleteit and download a different model tv. repeat the same process to import thetelevision stand. next to import the picture frame, click on furniture, go down to "import furniture".

by default, the elevation is set to 0 we need to change this so the picture appears to be hanging on the wall. to delete an item you imported. selected in the library and hit delete on your keyboard. confirm now, search for a different television. to place the television on top of the tvstand, first note height of the tv stand it's 13.108 inches high

that is the elevation you want to havefor the tv. to make our living room look morecomplete let's add a couch and we will also add this confusedlooking woman, and why is she confused? well because she has no idea how she got into a room with no door.

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