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word at war it is my view conviction but unless we guarantee freedom of the press throughout the world generation we'll be fighting world war number three that was the boys

those of the word but can't cooper off of the book we dramatized tonight as the national broadcasting company incooperation with the council on books in wartime presents another of the mostwidely discussed programs in america words at war rare headquarters for barriers down is thetragic story of monopoly of world news you'll hear more from kent cooperhimself later on in our program but right now let me tell you this

for the more than thirty years he's beenwith the a_p_ mister cooper has been known to newsmaneditors fighting ist american who ever tried toinsure world peace through the freeing of international news he knows as well as any living man and one of the first steps on the longroad toward war is the deliberate creation of prejudicebetween countries his book barriers down reveals howinternational slander is spread to begin with

not so long ago this was the outside world opinion ofthe u_s_a_ it is my duty soon that people of america aspire only through the shallow dignity or the almighty dollar the you see improved china green land in south africa world's presspictures this nation of ours it's a sort

of gigantic wild west show perpetually popping with machine-gunfire echoing with the clam bake histrionics apolitician or something it's jazz shattered nerveswith copious quantities of bathtub gin marijuana cigarette gets so you can if you want to but here's the tragic joker not only were they being prejudicedagainst the u_s_a_

with the press was producing themagainst one another being green innovation captive areas why they have the capacity of a blow job or not they might analytically adventurous trying utilities will still be it falls on capital asymptotic evans despite

selling your story because twelve million member died onthe field of battle how dot let's get the happen quite simply my friend stick around i'llgive you the lowdown mine is a tale of prejudice and ignorance a public opinion molded of distortions and unvarnished liesmanufactured behind the heavy doors of

government ministries of hate for their neighbors deliberatelyspirit in the minds and hearts of men means a tale of a monopoly of world news of the rigid control of its free flowand circulation a tale of the suppression of true and the progression of new within publicpress parent it begins many years ago with the world our world divided up like a birthdaycake between the three leading news

agencies of europe engines is front and center aa of london outlets that early would probably in the beginning how did you divide the world for thecontrol of the salem gathering of news this is one time truth will out

how did you divide the world between you as well to ride just exclusive control ofsources unused dissemination and great britain all the colors of the minions jacking china depend solving rights to the sale of puttingnew orders the present mexico

central america and the west indies and in all and sweating in the mix thatincludes bank your orders lab asif ellie at thirty two and a little news thisweek the people out there for a standby m into excel and paying italian culture grew excuse in life to be soldiers pleadednolo news in south america

thank you have um... annual who were told betty the bill that i have a whole weekgermination so if you can see for the transmissionof all used for the subsidy lead used agencies ofspeeding knowledge scandinavia you've been watching empire us to have a great and the balkans thankyou now just fool gave you three permissionto divide the world up between you no i wont be doing a good evening i'm notsaying grad uh...

right here right there the world according to the best businessprocedures my contract featuring solemnly not to invade thedomain of the other going by the impressive title alive better understood when called cartel all right

the world come up with no crumbsleftover wrapped up and delivered liver to whom the newspaper these agencies served not on your life the delivered to the imperial demands onthe new was of their respective government to save more boldly these agencies functioned as privatelyowned propaganda agencies workup throat

international politician and aa chicago culture um... you i mean and sold for years through the channelstomas controlled went knew was that was slanted twisted and colored

towards their governments and not only have a but each of these agencies poison theair between nations created friction when friction wasneeded to obtain national n alarming to themselves the power todecide what the people of each nation with noof the people of any other nation and in what shade that he was was to bepresented and they did it by owning andcontrolling subsidiary news agencies throughout the world stefania deepeningfinancially controlled by have us a

paris adapter agency owned by reutersthe portuguese agency owned by about ten thousand hotpot harassment by reuterspanic agency on but have a bug anymore if any of these agencies became restlessunder their humiliating subservient to try to break away well would not be done cost needs to do it they controlled the cable and or the french united one-word accompanied and equipmentbrewing up

at the picture pike combination of three agencies dominating twenty countries and because they could control the pressneverland because they themselves were oftensubsidized by their own government hubbuzz rogers and war sent through their exclusive channels use noted with prejudice and breedinghate

all in the name of the welfare of thenational state you did a good job for the year that one you helped to lay the groundwork formore than one bloody war you can rest content you work was most effective step forward receive your medals of on there two of us apart

subsidized by the french government exercising control over one-third of theworld or disseminating material hostile to thepeace of the world mail bomber let me give me here read it before the love eleven films like what you spread through southamerica discrediting the united states alexa etc untuk on

uh... are here gone partner al no area on cut uh... all dot com are which should be entitled

out the cutthroat and influence nationswhat be big mediating would be such as the reportyou sent up in the united states fleet was off the chilean post just slam them was that we intended todrop anchor in the harbor santiago without permission of the government implying we were threatening chileanindependent we had no appeal you moved easily and the report about the pledges andpromises you paid your own national press

because it was for the interest of yourgovernment such as the apreciate coupling talking i'd picture hospital uh... and buying knock-off are now gentleman over how much did you do

without insurance germany's friendship and others like it bench corpses blu maintained very mortalbalm their sons and daughters otherwise will all grateful for your deliberately holding arifle new or the lies made necessary by frenchpolicy of those years we have been betrayed present you withthis metal the the

villanova related controlled in its early days by thepersonal banker of the kaisa later as the nvm controlled by the president of growingolder julia ward beyond cough what repeat we did for the greatabdullah of the bottom line by disseminating anti-fur engender imageanti-american and anti-russian propaganda throughout the balkans andgermany

if they did not get seven forty two the optoma the act oc all and on which procedure comes under the name of premeditated murder

develop patriarch your nation is meadows kingdom your patriotism commodity of government the eye and cross grows heavy in my hand and so police joints of hate bulletins do yourown national press for the corruption and live in animosityused spread through the balkans or your share in the deliverablesfascination of peace

i am craw from the ruins bison girders from the gaping humble home of a multi begins with the blood market me and box over your go ahead king of the war in the room

dominant leader of the world newscocktail by a gold mine but it could have helped to prevent war luxury award beacon obama narendhar for the return of the bombing com year old wages is dead what prejudices recirculated

will be spared no more but it was done usa upon the quality roads ofinternational new and through it you load your own mission as well asothers into a false sense of security when danger like mythology so long homebuyer brett above the world none of writing for more you'll hold onthe road which are guiding principles was alwaysthe same lies in august british into it

many women your lesson on the story from you know the congregation group mike earn but we do with this don't you think therecord it's who you ment of reuters cleanedhouse in nineteen thirty nine but by then it was too late well by then the world's most promisingstudent of propaganda

had learned all you knew the agencygents competing this is what he is now in his own words round cap act hot chicks on all off home and his name this massive student

adolf hitler action out ho hand gentleman on the famous faces as we on educated americanswho want to say you sold a win the whirlwind

pillage and the opinions of the prejudices you'llfoster to your controlled news channels now come back to you the shape of shattered towns and blastedholes c obsession bacon mine aitkenhead perhaps too late we've learned the lesson that uses a powerful weapon

weapon that can cause a war or keep the peace have we learned his lesson for those who haven't bring on the grimexhibits that the victims come forward the peoplewho daily boston red their press and believe let them come forward those who duringthe intervening years of two great wars been read preached at bargain

those who have been created coaxedwarranted commanded through poisoned that the victims come forward first virginia stevens born in the timeof coventry in england the daughter of poor parents page seven virginia stevens he cannot answer two hundred seventeen hardest the injuly is the can come to love them will find my baby unknown homes if they could find a console high in theair

generally you can find a from sony how could they do it in god's name somebody tell me seven years old which should be in just two of them but shipwrecked is somebody tell me what made them kill a seven year old time

that a group that it p maybe kaelin at police beat your of finance peter the movie dot would propose and to those peopleare still one night should only go downstairs for a moment the soul mates last night repair

i heard a crying and complain buddhist yes i can either approving gospel it was pretty i put it on the couch into begun my father always head and then i went downstairs

i don't remember how many times i and understand couple it was in the middle of the speakerplanning planning my sister was only in years old the child do you use not you're lives of many women

this internal uh... where they are victims all symbols of victims of all right loosed upon the world young four made into killers before they hardly know what it is inthe online

and seventeen-years-old and like that aunty have been fighting but before the expiry captured what the in germany died in fact yes tells me he'll win at the perry says so beaded how do you feel about this pillaging andminoring

acted people source people i think that he had a c had no idea activities as share that be sure i have corrected activities newspapers cecil except thanking the people book

it that they knew what he was talking about we saw his prophecy come to pass a whole generation corrupted by lies and distortions revenues of information this tightly guarded internationalfrontiers educated by a controlled price educated to be beat

and when we are reminded for their victims but that is not enough we must now small on the resolve tobuild a future in which the printed word please liked only true of freon hampered flow of new was mustbe guaranteed so that this world war can end forever prejudice

that brings slaughter and carnage intheir weight why didn't they guarantee ininternational prepress after world war i love the tribe and tried representatives of the american presstried to get it written into the treaty of aside what what happened the atlantic and delegate wishes diploma yet i have a proposal to place before thistreaty making money

proposal which i believe will make a huge awards such as the onejust concluded impossible please speak to your proposal misterdelegate gentleman i compiled and in the writing of this peace treaty include the principal international pressure guaranteeing happen well-entrenchedmission at noon

and that's not the way to do it and awful norway standby standby all you are goingto have a rations the moment is a delicate one unexpected unforeseen the chairman worried the eyes his neighbors freehand craftsmen dispute between thesepeople gavel

the wounded suspend tends tems component whose preemie people of the world you seven-year-old him coventry you putit into something more personal schedule you'll gallant young american the white crosses fifteen date date to inform the americandelegate

that that christianity is needed privately next bit the moment almost ground roared back we should have known that the congresswould not deny themselves the use of the press is a propaganda arm for although the battles were done

the war went on behind office towers soundproof after the treaty of aside the wolfagency was pushed into the background of reuters and happens gripped the channelsof world news more type it in before the matter has been taken carolprivately and or learn repair nineteen nineteen we won the war

but lost the piece we must not fail again after this war oppressed must be the techniques of circulating hate andprejudice must be banished from the world i'lltell you get done we are the people that they didn't havea oligopoly dont get we wait outside the treaty meeting rooms in the decisionsare shaping and we stranded screeching squares through wind and then we sendpatiently tell us how salary annexure

desperate protection of government and that they include in the peacetreaty the principle of freedom of the press throughout theworld well cabinet members they guarantee that atleast one news agency in each nation be owned and controlled not plan outside groups but mutually by thepapers and say cooperated non-profit news agency yet

typewriters that is not what last ownedby the british press yeah and that no unused agency be restrictedto making agreements with only one all the lord agency but that each one shall make suchinternational news exchange arrangement as it were the demanded quality to all agencies and thegetting up all official news demand equal access for each one totransmission facilities wired at cape that true weight

and without the bombings all violations the treaty must folded professionalbeaulieu inclusion of by nationalistic propaganda in the second reason of why don't you you know the man would be well we growing are around

or problem of man there's not merely a modern dream with an objective before for justice an econ railroad line it's not impossible it can be one it can be made be enormous victory ofthis war

by permitting international news to blowon the hindered between the peoples of the year like clear uncommitted river by letting proof so long new weary move-in freedomthrough the world piece in the one and hello this lane number cripples standardizeshoulders now and like us

they will stand outside the treatymaking rooms over flowing into the streets in avenues are great multiple united in their determination thatthere's so much being world war ladies and gentlemen a footnote to our program given inperson by the author of barriers down mister kent cooper general manager ofthe associated press mister cooper as a newsman myself i have stopped independence in canada inthe family and the news of the world

i am not alone in thinking that idea executives of the other american newsagencies are in this fight heart and soul so are all american newspaper and radioman together we should be a man that the peace treaty include aprovision guaranteeing worldwide freedom of thepress that we need the help of all themillions of freedom-loving for hitting people in the world

and sold tonight i ask all of you listening to would you please help us to strike down forever the barriers the stand in the way of worldwide for you the press to strike down forever one of thegreatest to worldwide peas

thank you mister ken cooper man the nine on word that war we brought youa billion-dollar life cant the radio dramatization was by radiohere berry kroger was the narrator and mister cooper appeared in person the music was arranged in played bywilliam meter and the production was under the direction nav hampton and leave

next week worded war will present theradio dramatization of camp follower five barbara call this series of programs is brought toyou in cooperation with the council on books in wartime by the national broadcasting company andthe independent radio stations associated with the n_b_c_ network right read jack costello speaking this is the national broadcastingcompany

rotary hits it's what they've done in this town thatteacher media not bad everytime no no just lane wrapping i don't know donovan but folly national broadcasting company inc withthe council on books in wartime presents another one of the most widelydiscussed programs in america words at

war dramatizing the most representativebooks to come up with this great world power plant tonight's program is based on kampalawar by barbara paul her story as told in kampala word isfamiliar to thousands of women who have shared the same experiences but the restof us it brings the realization that the much-maligned army wife has been doingan important gave unrecognized job of morale building we present kampala work in a specialradio dramatist asian by priscilla came

worry worry there are many times in campbell won there is a stray dog who comes to knowwhere to make it home close to an abandoned barn mesmo victim removes his business into an armycaptain on the and take these goods for the chris knowsand shiny silver the government pasted soldier and what is the woman who can't follows

needed more money not for food but because for the time being c_b_s_herself practically a part of me on this soldiers and white but it always started the process ofshopping waiting dot and i went to washington d_c_'s union station but unable first when i cut the deficitwanderley washington for good i love the whole remaining adultreceived it announced the plan statements to approvea tired looking down

have a decent join employed thank youvery much this down side to get my husband i said for me it is being isyour money i'm cute i'm on my way to die now meant that just what i'm doing includeexciting exciting yesterday the first time the billion-dollar campground back tonight

pc spent it that's my husband is in thesign-up time rather as a whole what to do about that why if using radio screwing that's okay you've got a good technical rating outbetter there at the best thing to get me sending doyou like me alan guys don't like the enemy they just a day so it was

usually get all of the we want tell me something at do you think it's a good idea for meto go out and then they might have been wonderful break for a guy here which i had a life yet may be all right that would it we got in the senate lawyers just intime for me to broaden my came to kansas city hundreds of installed on the calendar

jockeying for position it is none of them and in the army whoget used to waiting army wives get used to it too in time i was to learn are doing concentrating on little in sydney did allow

dot but i'll tell no we have not really i'm very sorry that might not be for youwhere completely fail hello my name is missus bent to calmdown lately i don't care who you are is that they could go many travelershighland already i checked in the south little well what's wrong with me nothingi i i just like to ask you if anyone telephone required for me really expecting my husband are

it is a cute crowded he supposed to meetme here this evening but there's so many still just doing morebefore the evenings over but do you think anything could happen and he wouldn't let me know if you knowi'm not maybe the best thing to do is just a new roman wait for you sc l_l_ japanese tel no we haven't any wrongdoing on the or and went back to my room

i tried to read that it was known and expensive picture in my world i hadn't seen for six weeks would still like sixteen did with the girl on the train hit home it's a shock when you first see yourhusband strange close them something simple no worse than usual

and someone didn't scare you could go on can't predict eleven i felt heifer acareer my hands of responding and i smokedcigarettes kathleen brown the mountain whining about the content of a night time upon evolving phooey ris review

bombers what money money money money for thecamp all about underway the bathroom joplin landed me in theocean and i began hunting for a million emeritus leading late sunday nightimmensely you just be not a big deal with epidemic please if really stoned ending yousendit mean they make it clear that they not uh...there all different tutorial

the bad that's normal against the that's right it late i don't see the conference inmate no doubt about it prickly topicindeed cabinet with he needed yesterday in what do you turn pasting me its plan

but now you saying instantly one was wid what sixty eight dollars a month that's more than we paid for a wholeapartment in washington needs unique that in much indicate the oran my just couldn't afford it as a last resort island up traveler'said office lifetime

strike killing how that plays on wedstreet you want to look and see story c_-one here it was a separate soldiers whateva childit is sunny more artist was mobbed with gerald another cigarette back down on a cam chair against thewall in lingered after others have gone hating to hit the pavement six what will happen

we have is that yet yes certainly i will make that thanks so much for calling i wasn't called notebook collectradically they cancel yes i don't know what it's like particularfamily let me know what happened to him the woman has refused to enter into thelast five gal that fit over it or own how do you

the trouble is exactly to see the menuwondering i and i'm linden excuse the way i look won't i just gotback to work waiting come from in new york really well what do you think of new rochelle well i really haven't seen much exceptthe square and a few of the residential blindly seen it all at three oh showthat the whole time so we are still back needed of course wewe compensate do it but this happens in the business down herehe owns one of them at military stores

of about this quake only as i know thesethings i'm a fan of lady in one of them oliphant terrible nafta uh... all these so loud about the room more more along the walkway or more foras long as my husband station etc rather kind of a particular igor we will be coming here every eveningthey can do it you want me to the people of except onsunday night well carrier the room when things look much better than girlsi'll be kinda like it

i think it's of www did uh... tableavailvalue what i carry no they didn't win alright jackie dollars a week i couldn't get fifteen fitted for thekind of every president and but i wouldn't want to take it from you girlsmore i'd like to read it if it's alright year it all right i don't give integrity he understand course coffee in the morning that'salright mp you keep me up to be ready i back leftover i'd do that no parking

i kept in the capital understanding thebathroom would you like me paying now world returned but you might like it when i got bentand make that happen they haven't been limited feel very muchat home active and retired drywall entrance that uh... there was soloing

restricted in the picture that maple she's another only lifelong she worksfor them nine thirty at night she works for them he can afford to pay eight dollars aweek for a room donated up elected to all their cookingand cleaning and charges that only four dollars going something terribly and we're going tocare for me to the pivotal she's not so bad

i hold all or or uh... button for manydays you know and i dont mind now back to normal is mostly active about the i want to talk to you the attorney coming there one of the grilled home didn't even today then i won't be givento goldstone lobby he would get thirty we'll watch that he doesn't takeeverything we did

with that i'd just couldn't believe she do you know i couldn't believe that itanyone but you know you never can yet also you justkeep an eye on their own kya maddie was for the first time i became activityor where did not complying and then we will tell me that he wasspying on me too she called up every morning was tornasked me just casual like working for print this morning she wanted to show youdidn't have to new strawberry jam him soaking the everybody got to standardwouldn't boot

wanted them to ask you one thing but notgiven up her new when i talk about new things and fellasleep and i realized that if you like to get back from our window i think the photoslong-lived piling into a small group to start one fifteen net temptation with a few months i got mabel and throughout everythingthat goes to spare on how far away republic

what goes on here when it was up andgive you permission to cook scene didn't with the boat people and uh... don'tworry she won't she'll never get a word out of me were elected we're waiting for war uh...the she delivered a green this morningactors thirty-ninth boxing karen young kids but don't worry i couldn't through and got booted out to eatdeklerk made no i'm gonna tell of a true i went down to the poor women have notbeen worked properly

i think they're going to pay the rentfor the next move nobody cute your money with black they're going to tell youabout it tagged we need your new crackdown whoended up in effect anything to do before in the i'd like to tell you that won'thappen but unlike anything about it it doesn't matter what happened i'd just like to tell you that a goodpicture of your character but let me know really i and i'm sureyou'll be happy living from where else

wanted to know what what would you likeand what kind of i've got another memo would bring meapparently white woman who one one-day allowed wouldn't you do you have a little computing trying tokeep it to other coupled with the economy plan in one pixel on one well number-one idler but we determined to make a go of it night in our new home was like

white one pt including working people i wish needed often could implement connecting to none wall corbin nothing in even homepage in anything right now ordinary working directly with them fromjapan

don't worry about no peron now that we're living like a continuingcoupled again what's proper about being torn apartfrom across the room that though one thing that really getsme mauling and we've been beaten program for permission to revoke thepros heaven knows planner it will give it tome did you tell them

route it would be free on the rule nearly pointed out how much better icould sleep before a bit nervous for the world for the hahahaha love it it does not going too authority fabian andrew is going to be a marriedcouple boom boom boom boom lou and i like them to you dangling job bringing with him tomorrow you've had more experience than at themoment

he's been through this routine pillowmechanical recruiting only only hard-headed something from i'm and get back to camp baby boomers arnoldreporting record good night humor

if i don't get beat him on there good luck with your job where young ladies i think we might beable to use your or are you planning to be in the spotlight drama that has beenstationed problem in that case i'm afraid we can offer youanything but you just said we can take on anyone who leave without noticebecause her husband being transferred elsewhere but that's only

are you sure they have just has to beenjoying became coleman t_v_ information competitive him twenty-one not a very famous indian let me find the director of civilianemployment is at today twenty one oh we'd like to find out about getting jobs at the camp congressmen to stationed here and wetalk on the other news in the camp laundry well what kind of jobs on astraight line rework washing clothes

well-insured and nothing in town i thinkyou know sorry ladies we're not interested intrenches or provision to thing and work with you soon finishing them up close i hate to tell you this done but it sounds component or oregon remission

i'll put them on time uh... right ramon genesys is implement service facilitieslines at the u_n_ so-called you're going to repeat laura the any their that our jobs to be had mealsyour well-respected led to hear that its most of it tonight let that and all the still let me say itselfbecause the soldier treatment is part of

the evening as the only time now hasbeen getting pumped it's not intense soon that's why we arehere they allow i don't suppose you'd beinterested in possibly etc maybe not i will not bother to you about it only thinking really useful we'll are you going to let you knowunion poking through yet we have going to start unease in theircity kal so i'd like to stand for that right away it was all alive taxes willbe heading jumped in

it should be a danger to lengthen thehospital bed goes you have to undergo a barriervendors this contamination but those nurses eight uniformed assoc how do you think it's like i don't feeli he then and it's the gay here are twoapplication blank thank you in not about to make an examination ducted heating town well uh... let them know in that case to go to theleaking dr b are you going to don't make

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i set never seen anteroom waiting forher to come out of missus carter's office mentioned in basement blame well jane access to me there's something wrong we can't take the car balloon because you cried in the doctorsare facing

it's physical all bobbitt meet gene therapy until evening this is the only wouldn'trespond she says the blood test just came backtoday and they sell it nobody is to borrow below they must be crazy ike told the nursethat would be impossible but just smiled

bloody good filbrick princes heart thatmessage abdomen too do you want to go to another doctorright away in i mean requiring probably best not to bein town she came back doesn't pat the other army wife who led the queen'sblade and i'm getting to know if our husband when you see you didn't see anything we can't tell

you've got to wait for the chance to bein town sa all of them intact by i belief that picking this is going tothe although we could do the same time premiership system all i guess it's notonly does break out i had an appointment and lighter than usual no unusual

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i told you that before potter those kids were wrong something doctor lamb told you about onmedical political detective collected the candidate but you don't want that if indeed theyfound incorrect information do you i know please note that goes with itthough if nothing boasting about the compoundthere isabel wants to do something youthful a girl who have gone through sheerpredatory because i think irritable

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i tried to get a big bacon that but thisis a quote that they had we've got to go than planned of article day ob gyn and bogeyman praying for you and bring them my permission was cancelled baby the shipping out tomorrow soaking

california can't be of q firmly believe that i'm afraid we're going we're going back to playing but don't worry about me so was i'm setting up and i was going the sample

you're becoming a real kampala origin marie interned then notion that no one morning when you knowwhen i do not know when didn't know that i wouldn't want him out what he didn't want to know him aloof and them to be paid by me onehundred monday yelled connect the moving animals helppeople operative beginning do landmark in pune p

and on my way to do i know you know whati'm doing reading too approval i do that day tonight on word that war we brought youkampala whereby bobek lol the special radio treatment was by aperson a can't and marjorie quayle was heard as bobrecall the music was arranged and played bywilliam leaders and the production was under the direction of admin emily row

or or uh... there are only determining and next week for can escape from tokyo by lieutenant well burn kelly another image series upward bidding war or a return jack costello speaking this is thenational broadcasting company stellz

the national broadcasting company incooperation with the console on books in wartime presents another significantprogram series worth it for dramatizations of the mostrepresentative folks to come out of this great world conflicts tonight it's the guys on the ground bycaptain alfred translate this is a tremendously hot pink slipsfor grand tribute to the men of the air force who rarely if ever leavecharacterized job in the words is through for a nation faced sound rather humble investment

story begins in one of our larger cities time is not too long ago three youngfighter pilots are back on the eve after long periods of combat duty and they've been attending a war bondrally but now is a return to their hotel suitethere but one hundred-mile they want to relax always always outfield time for favorite show somebody across servicebecause i think

uh... put down for both columns andcolumns uh... all you have all that judy later after ect how medical everthing room servicecomment ackerman wayy out extra com right and haiti physical thatcaptain flew back to you or the americans myself i'm on a jury to trial well that's right but how do you guysplayed that role all danielle major traffic artery heknows i'm a student at anybody expecting

some of this event and only the vehicle that uh... newspaper reporters alliancehas our cover the bond rally and i thought i'd come up here inside it an exclusive story me about all thethrilling battle we were in and uh... how it feels to shoot down an enemyplanes like kind of this is a step which american heroismand so forth something that without them send to the folks back home

how do you say place it was what do you see a stick found sitting thier you want to good story i mean a good story tell her about the coffin coffin youmean the thing about the conduct that's right at surname the coffin coffin you know like when you cough

she flew fifty missions before beingsent in response to a routine fans aren't i floor over twenty mission myself if i wastransfered after that she went on the fifteennations but before that b_-twenty one one seven eight five eight for what's wrong with the columns i cansay sorry

but what you want another ship lol iknow it she doesn't have a right the the engines don't function properly in thecontrols are offered nothing put your finger on sabbath he'd been that way worse as i got a weekago understand the number of crew that hadthe same experience within have managed it well to get river i mean transferred sir funny business mechanics can find athing wrong with her voice you know outside on therestriction

i think i'll drive myself just to say iwouldn't do that and now if i were the ceo sir pastries jinx i certainly do sir and she can be b_g_h_ let's go for which there are acceptableimages this particular ship has filled theflavor first mission i understand he do it applied today under your command ofare sincerely hope not sure i prefer some other ship any other ship but ifthe mechanics can't find anything wrong

with the problem with the imaginary whichever photograph this morning fresh air looks like any other b_-twenty sixdomain for major leader actually bail i know you'll you'll become polish orsomething but not appreciated more than you realizeyou've viewed reconsider your intention of mine that you have let me remind yourmajor that superstition cannot be given

the status of legitimate by cornwallcitizen superstition surgeon hedge just to take a this planet pay footerno sorter no sir they move though one one seven eightfive eight scott is of a maintenance carpenter coffin coffin undigested artistic little germ that does it but what makes that desert

yes say the coffin coffin well out fire and i said way so you have a name like thatwellness it d_j_ jazzy fear crystalline you mean that mentorship acquires a name that's funnyin a gruesome sort of way she changes in the big capability would be i saysomething like that but in all dwellings i can go back to my work with him

yes sir frank outgoing all other circle major aware you ironman judges servicing the ships thatcan die to anything please now wait a minute you're listening to my conversation witha c_e_o_ me

hard-nosed how long you've been in charge of thisthem helicopter plus since the place where we've got acent major them and i think i thought you can get my brush from whenyou come back to us at the number and the fact that you justwait is a sheet of paper you know better

fall by the way a m when i brought it down last night orinstrument that he didn't have a name now why you wouldn't do happen to knowgave her that name which is who might have painted our nose lastnight or no sir could use a year yet ads may have an update memory on a speakin plane out said dot dot to think that uh...

i think it's terrific ad questionnaire and nina okay here uh... world twelve after i got switched to another theaters go i kept in touch she'd get by all those mation

ngo newsgroup with more on severalelementary shot up i'd make it count they cater engines and fitting so oftenthat always left of the original coffin was a name and here's the payoff math one man in any of her variouscruise with even slightly wounded on her fiftieth regulation families come in and shrine humane

buried at the crash truck in any way togo crash money coming up technocrat struck me play it's got caught one model socket about the leap up blackphenomenon often waits until it upto and like many win him mascots shut off ha wide shame cut velvet

you back to that okay go uh... greco anybody alive but the crowd mclaughlin ready for this crappy thistime definitions votes that they have very in a call fromnobody before they together again she's got more lives and i'm proud ofpussycat before federal grant

special fly uh... guy and that is what happened here joining a gag but again again that's why she's making this montero the coffin still enjoying the best ofhealth that's a good story but that something has got more bang-bang play humane shooting downenemy planes on all at cactus stuff

but come on board felt the monarchy after all your hero have a smoke well uh... i'll tell you one come about the odds and ends she was a two and one ship that was made out of the front endof a smash bummer on the back end of another

the guys on the ground took those twoproducts and put them together like i said you would put her hand on a race with all the nerves and muscles andblood vessels with a perfectly and heard about that but that's all this month plus the fact that i think that it and taking it all down and this was wheni was in india i was in temperature are described emigrated uh... one day i have to send form intothe service center

they weren't that far what little bottles for liberatedfighting expect generated canada blood spots that wide open up and makes how how long will it take rest onthe one every evidence back but we can't keep for farmers out ofaction until we get some from the states four-fifths small enough that there is hysteria

had to put together again somehow went case but i think that that generate aplaque that's something i think they may change that won't quack it won't come back wonderful we can't get along with four bombingsleslie find time for me to be put in charge ofthe south inka from when your children okay i'll be back

thank ya'll come on out there like that we got and but again cabin blood all courtship that background anddefinitely on account of multipart wake dot that stuff your brain hit me that theycould find p no colored anybody knowledge etc andgrab rubber on the competition

knowledge so i'd like to get tough aboutthis job unless we get those poor farmers back in the air we're gonna losemost of the other sick not a big enough the way we've beenworking with him uh... yes we looked everywhere but there may notthink around that's right but generate a park site can't send bombers into actionon the eve of a fire their guns categorized and they don't like americacapital at all well well keep at it come on june

you've got the dinner uh... i mean no wheat milk and work now come on generator provides and i think i a m anyway agreed-upon miracles look at that rollin led by this time they get lots of thepolitical ads is better than clumsy bob louden accompanied by the bank hotanathema but intelligently thank you

who have gondola plantation outbuildings uh... wonder uh... got joke well-planned alcoholic a step by complex next telecom inapprentices see what happens and the better unexplained so we take this other pepperelectrical conductivity like that now i give him a joke twenty-two hundred box

said just as they are all good now for only spending he could get aminute read i already have it come out with apicture of a drop in the text back amita sledge sonya that back not a vote for that yet did it guys flat-panel eg but the men shape up for all of the timefor the point

and papa hogs at the big headed for theyou know did it and papa was wonderful uh... the visit is worded war presenting tonight agraphic and print those people who say that we americans have lost are all fine airskill the three generations of the machine every news from our handicraft developed this dramatization of the guys on theground by captain albert bentley

proves beyond doubt that to the old one timmons cunning modern americans have added the skill towork on their problems with machine them by using machines we creatively have become the conquerorsof raw image now back to major russell captain pennypacker and majorca how about next so it means a swell angles i mean theground crews and you don't hear much about a month

dot they don't make good traffic anne now when you fell asleep unfunded products is captured the imagination of the peopleon a wait a minute don't get the idea to servicemen stayson the ground all the time bev russell what about the one you werein the aftermath kid what's his name colour jill cold water

was killed by a bomb in a month ago united a little job together extra-special would you mind was to fly a plane out of a spot but itwas repaired following the crash the idea is to say valuable time gettingit back to action i remember that g you boys russell cold water might like to see you

program can spank her i'd get the scores yes said that we've done a loss to thecape cod i worry about the feel the engineer the laying out a runway for nowlet's take a look well now uh... you you say you're surely regulars still now about that runway about some cold beer now we don't wantit did you think cool there

mister douglas will be dl the brady honest about it we're not tooenthusiastic about that runway footings very soft and we've had thischopped through a hill what they could we after over away bytractor we will you guys are supposed to be good atthese pics at costco who want to be too good yeah that's what might have told meuh... in here we kinda nice plus on all the civilianshere wonderful which suitcases the states with theleague's of goodwill gesture many along

but uh... twenty cases capitalisticbustier his look at it that was all right nice and cold now his layout the engineers have just about clearthirty one hundred the to goodness not so bad either depending on the ground we've beenplanning a trying too hard enough

halfway down the runway we've made a cutfrom the hill to keep her level to be safe any idea of the winklers' six feet on either side are ecstatic of course we could go to work and sleptdown swore that hill dot i wouldn't help much i'm afraid doing without a solutionwill take less time anyway to win clarence doesn't bother metoo much i'm thinking about the ground

feels like second cousin was suave andspots thirty one hundred feet is ok agencyfrom seeking information if the case with reading in the latitudemiles an hour anyway you look at it now with a needle propelled by fortyeight hundred horsepower well let's take a look at it jealous sale triad point aspx reindeerthey cut the controls our sit with him i depend on you the only got it knows it too wrote that step over again

all chaos and for the tractor will haul it's on her on a placard allthe best we could do personally i don't blame you wonderwomen joshi stripped of all the necessary way here you're going to do it not on my own children who uh... certainly i think that was quite yes compound as part of couple bottles ofbeer

without the authority of the clothing han alimony she is a baby what's her name again hands not selling yet here we cannot make that email telling just explaining

go graduation magnus kai escobar everybody got it missing ensure has resigned maximizing using k reni n honey i think i'm going to get the point

and at the end of story about fighterpilot well and getting her new federalismstory behind him the story below issuing an act installthat day and she has worked it keeps us in the year at the same kids who used to keep theirflavors in one piece with chewing gum and rubber bands that's a swell uncles uh... how much of all this we've beentelling you are they gonna put the paper defense

collins them of that one down in india that youwere telling us about your net liberator that's right we saw this one suzy if you're lookingfor something sensational but how bout mania i seventy two pilots appleby twenty-four boring bridge campin burma folk coming back to the british fighterevery by helping dashed canine called one engine out

break into the only ten dollars out ofit capitol hill fully open evidently ahead mentos we stand on a few miles when on thebridge building too close to the front lines or anythingjust this day and week could move without extensive repairs sowe put in a call for assistance people back to a china burma indiacommand center and then go fuck perfect until crippling sir

felicia one of our b_-twenty fours shut downtheir deficit over that care we want that plane if the rush job or the combat conditions yes i think five mechanics replace themention of the necessary tools and all the little transport when political correctness will be any and less than two hours thank you sir

narrow was a comment on that just a lot of talk compared to a lines and cables arrived five dollars take that long to put away together picking you some more life well that sucks ideally somebody i can see what i'm doing that you have to

we gotta be i hear fight on uh... spaceship everything projects get a chance to look over theeasy pickings jet plane that cover everybody that you do peter collins looks like we slid into the same pageone of the for baseball mccarthy got here

and what i've never ever sonawane sounds like he's gone back to get morepumped tear and more playmates and await droned on for a project away snack time okay you guys back to the client not wake up mysap you know

what there was an enormous beyond five men out there in the night doing ajob that under normal conditions would take at least a week head had only a few hours to go on cat-scan overtime again at least remarks but that his family haven't really got blown away and

mcgovern's or when the bomb graduationtime you can talk about marlene dietrich the crew worked out for them well i guess you call it physical collapse common with dad and jim we'll told we'vegot all take they could be critical to a quartet off kill myself to see her

juku for me funny guy nature ecosystem forward jokes deliverance which uses them louis guilt never know that she made sure rishi what's your opinion section

i mean from huh going back to work because it is all about paint knockedoff what so far not um... foxhole uh... was because of will is notcracking another string patrol especially more atomic interrupt now pro-life

lemzo yesterday early vegas regularly inthe black skies by the political leadership bailey forty eight hours ended limping actively working thanks to six guys worked straightthrough without a let up worship at a new engine knowingly using who controlling emily sound and lighting then satellite dish years we have anunwieldy

lived a motivated by however get your guys dark not leaving not on the line and and on about joining the item that bonded exact but when i hear thatthem one of the four this guy had a satisfaction seeing briefi did not down for the reddifmail but thank you

you look at him like a pig rejected him that's what i like about wallowing rolling stones my on that yet tank efficiency you get that roll down on paper i what i think you boys from up thephone

well it's really a new plant guys on the ground alligators their jobs no medal the medal ribbons the publicity here when they read about this hero and that here on all the plane shot down

the darn well know that the ground guysmade all those victories possible i've got this time thanks a million no i mean who lead you know for certain any ideas how about this if a model of a truly belong to anygroup of men this will go to the guys on the ground

the difficult we do immediately impossible takes a bit longer unquote tonight on words with war we've broughtyou guys on the ground by captain alfred friendly radio dramatization was five petermartin the gassed included frank lovejoy lawsonsurvey james monks bill quinn larry he initially then routine marthafalconer michaelpage morris and orange

the music was arranged and played bywilliam either and the production was under the direction of her bird rightnon next week worded war will present theradio dramatization non your children by marie circa this series of programs is brought toyou in cooperation with the console on books in wartime by the nationalbroadcasting company and the independent radio station associated with the n_b_c_network

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