grundriss haus modern

grundriss haus modern

righty oh, i'm gonna build a floor plan as fast as i can using sweet home 3d i'm going to import a background-image so i've got some kind of guide this is something i created in photoshop and it's the floor plan of my house continue so you have to set the ruler first so it knows how big a meter is. roughly that is 13 meters so i type 1300 in there

continue. i might just set a set an origin point now that's a pretty good place for one. good.zoom in a bit position that right. now i start to draw some walls start down there, wall. go to that point. go to that point. go to that point, go to that point that point that point that point that point and wow, i could've done that a bit better. do some internal walls now

that just won't attach, so i have to hold down the alt key so i can fine tune it. right down to the bottom, press escape start again. start there, go down to there, go down to there go down to there and press escape this wall is a small section that's done. and i should have done that bit aswell. it's done now. that's a chimney. that's another chimney.

now i'm going to set the wall thickness multi select holding down shift that, that, that, that, that n that. not all walls are thick. only some of them are. so i'm going to select the thick ones. control shift e, 25 centimeters and they're all thick now and i can now justfine tune the locations a little bit control z, a few times there, i rotated it slightly that's good, one-two-three-fourone-two-three-four hold down control shift e

make that 40 centimeters. that's howbig the chimneys are tap that in slightly tap that up a little bit little bit more righty oh, i'm going to put some doors in now. open door open door, opens that way another open door, and another open door. this particular door

opens the opposite way to how the model has been drawn let's check out the 3d image pretty good so far. front door one of those opens inwards. make it really big cause it's nice to have a nice big front door. tap it up a little bit so it's centered window. actually i need a rear french door aswell

like a bifold, there we go there it is, put that, opens outwards. i'll just re adjust the size. ago there we go, control e to change the's a dark grey ok, the front door is also a dark gray so control e, select dark grey ok, zoom out a little bit lets have a look at what we have here.

doors, lots of doors. i'm missing two walls aswell which i'll put in quickly. it's a little bathroom utility room. and a bathroom excellent windows the window i'm looking for is double hung. there it is.on there as well there there and there

lets have a look at that that's nice and quick, look what i have already. excellent, that is the bottom floor. walls, doors and windows i'm going to put in a stair aswell. that one there, is pretty good i am going to adjust the size to match the proper size goes to about there in real life

that's the stairs up to the first floor middle walls these two walls opened so door, door frame door frame door frame, now the other door frame there we go, we can see tap slightly, there we go

we can see all the way through to the other side level one, add a level 0, level 1 lets get that right again, level 0 level 1. let's create some walls there and there escape the walls thickness, these two walls here

hold down control shift e, now 25 centimeters thick that wall just tap out a little bit and adjust that slightly that might tap out slightly aswell inner walls hold down alt again to fine tune that point down bottom, press escape another wall. across there to there. press escape

another wall, from there to there press escape, another wall from there to there doors, inner doors open-doors inner doors which are open doors. open that way another one, opens that way i've got to mirror that because it opens the other way open door goes to the bathroom we don't have the room boundaries

so you'll notice that we can actuallysee from the top right down to the bottom there are no floors so to add those, i use a new tool, for the room boundaries i'll start at level 0. zoom in slightly so i can see it this little blue circle appears just trace where the floor boundaries are that's one double click another room

double click thats the bathroom, the utility room, and nowthe kitchen and living area that's floor one level one, now to add some floors to that aswell start there go around the chimney, which i forgot to do. and then the area above the stairs

excellent, now i just quickly create those chimneys on this level as well and select them both with shift key control shift e so i can change the size to40 centimetres okay so we have now, we have a pretty much the house, we don't have anywindows up here yet. let's get some windows windows there are 3 windows in this room

there are 3 windows in thebathroom there are two windows in this small room here and there are 4 windows in this room here use shift, select them all and tap them all down so they appear to be middle that's pretty pretty good actually. let's have a look. yesgood that's the house i won't build the roofes

level zero and level one let's modify this bottom 3d view a bit to make the walls transparent create a grass texture and create a sky texture ok so that looks a little more interesting i can see that and that's pretty much the floor plan. i can add some dimensions to it.

using this tool here, start there start there, go down should have equalled 1300 i out by 3 centimetres their. 119, 120, that's interesting, i'm not going to bother about that anyway, you can do dimensions of different parts parts of things which is quite cool makes the diagram look professional and once you'vedone that

you are now able to position things throughout the house, for example here this is a bathroom, just adjust that windowslightly so i just get a bath there's one that bath can go there. a toilet, i need can go there and we also have a toilet downstairs which goes there

toilet paper roll, that one is better one, can go there go back up, and we'll give them a toilet paper roll as well now give it a basin. a sink his and hers basins one down stairs aswell and a shower cubicle

with some shower doors which is quite tricky to put on though use the arrow keys now there is a gas water heater there it is. there is a washing machine. goes there there's another washing machine there, older style lets have a look, yeah

here, we actually have a french door a sliding french door kitchen island, make it bigger some stools, some trendy stools copy paste fridge that looks pretty good. copy/paste copy/paste so we've got two of them this one here and gonna reverse

i'm gonna mirror it so that the handlesare together we can just keep going with this for a really long time but the you can see how quickly that was. imanaged to achieve this, and we can even put beds and a couple of beds for the kids one there, one there, one there and there we can chuck

computers stairs and down in the main room i can chuck a grand piano just rotate that around virtual visit let's walk through to the grand piano, turn around and see how it looks yeah

this can take a long time to get itright but as we can see we have a floor plan that we can work with for the ground floor and a floor plan for the top floor i might put some dimensions on this as well. that's nice excellent i'm still in the aerial view now. it 's a bitbetter

see you later

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