grundriss haus modern 3d

grundriss haus modern 3d

hello there, welcome back to my channel, i'm nessa and today i'll finally show you the floorplans for my tiny house, i'm very excited! short disclaimer: not all of it is final, some things may change in the house, some of the furniture doesn't look like that in real life but i'll explain that in a minute. and without further ado, we'll get straight into it! here we are, in sweethome3d,

it was recommended in the comments, thank you again, i forgot who i twas, thank you very much in any case, it was very helpful. there's also the roomarranger which i've tried, i would have come to terms with it for a normal floor plan, but it has a few pros and cons. maybe i should

do an extra video on programs or you check them out. what i tried but didn't use was sketchup, it just takes much more time to get used to than all the other programs. you can do amazing things there and start from scratch but that just took too long for me considering that building starts in the near future. so i stuck

with this program. it should be enough for what i need it for. other or better plans can be drawn on paper and i'll certainly do that, for instance, i want to have wall plans of every wall to mark the positions of power sockets etc. it's not that good on this plan here.

let's start from the outside. as you can see, the shape of the roof i initially wanted, a normal shed roof, where the walls would be the same height here, and the slope would be here, from here to there, that was my initial plan, but it's not doable with 9 m. the weight is just too much. if you imagine it here, the highest point is that.

it would continue like this, so a lot more wall and roof, ergo a lot more weight. so we didn't do that. if you look at - i'll link it here - a house i was looking at closely and that served as a good example when i thought i was building longer (i had ditched that idea before coming back to it) -

if you look at, they did it just like that and that does have a few benefits. what does that mean? first off, there's a technical compartment here, it can be heated, the radiator will look different, the program only offered this one, you can see it up here, it's empty now, the gas bottles will be here,

as well as the rest of the heating system. it's heated so it doesn't freeze in the winter. what else is in there? warm water boiler, yeah. it's sealed of to the outside with a door so you can get to it when needed. also, it doesn't use up living space. it's still within the building space so

i reduce living space by 60 cm, but that's fine when building 9 m. if you had a 7.2 m house, you could do it differently, you could let it stick out in the back, the length is not the issue, it's more the weight mostly. what we dont't see here: here's the loft, it's above the fridge up to here, so above the bathroom. the shape

of the house dictates to only have one loft, but i have to say i often felt that the second loft isn't used much if you have both because you can only build one set of stairs, else it's too much stairs in the house and all space is used for it. so the access to the second loft isn't that good anyway. and you only need one space to sleep

so you might use the other one as a living room, but it's not clear yet so you have one room that you might not use, only if you build storage in it. therefore i don't mind having only one loft. again, it's going to be here somewhere. i will build in the option of a guest bed, it won't be permanent, more like a foldable mattress

you can use as cushion when folded up. and apart from that there will be book shelves, i will see. right. so ... in any case it means that back here we have a room height of 1.90 m or 2 m. the bed frame will be a bit higher than a normal one, the mattress will be on 70 cm.

that's because i want to use the storage space below. there will be drawers, only up to that wall, since that is covering up part of it. i either have to change that or the wall will be slidable or foldable, like a door so i can remove the chair and fold the wall to the other side. we will see. like i said, it's not the final version but i think you

get an idea what it will look like in general. behind the bed a double window, because it's so large, it's the biggest light source in the whole house, therefore double. else it has a huge radius. behind the bed, which is not in scale because it goes over the bed a bit, again, freeware,

it's difficult to get objects to the right size, in any case there is about twenty centimeters of space - just checked whether i have a measuring tape. imagine it like this, that's supposed to be a rack, i can store books and night lamp etc. on there. i also want to build in a hatch so you can access the storage below. behind

the bed and slightly above so i can move the mattress around to change the sheets etc., i want to install book shelves, they are covered with that wall so they fit in quite nicely into that empty space. they don't have to be too deep, 20 cm is enough for most books. that would be quite nice. what i don't want to do is

to build over the space above my head, it shouldn't go over the bed, else you feel like being locked in, that wouldn't be nice. on the other side i'll probably hang a painting i already have, that depends on how well the colours suit the house. a little decoration in any case, i don't want to have storage everywhere, else, again, you feel locked in.

wouldn't be nice. the desk doesn't look like it's supposed to, the desk is supposed to be curved and the screens won't be parallel, also ergonomically, because you have to turn around like that, i want a round shape, more or less, like now. camera and light will continue to be right across from where i sit.

and the chair will be somewhere around here and the whole thing will be more round, the benefit being that the corner doesn't loom into the room as much. the desk is where i spent most of my time, i work from home and on my computer, everything with youtube and my gaming channel and everything else i want to do does require a fixed working space where i can

work comfortably. so it was important to implement that. radiators will probably even be a bit smaller than that, they will be quite thin, gas radiators. below the windows, which is recommended as far as i know. on the bigger window, which is how wide? 1.3 m, so it's the second

largest window in the house, i will have a foldable dining table. imagine having a fixed ridge over the radiator and a half-round element you can fold up or down where you can sit with several people. the front door is currently 90 cm wide. i hope i'll find a front door that

is 90 cm. it's not as exotic as 80 cm, the benefit being, if the front door isn't too narrow, that you can still get furniture in and out. custom builds are also quite expensive so it's better to have a standard size. even though these small, tiny doors look cute and take up less wall space. but i think those 10 cm might not make too much difference.

back here we have a small mud room. it won't look like this, it's just an example. you can hang one or two coats there since jackets might be wet and you don't want to put them in the closet. or you have one jacket you really wear a lot, it's handy if it's outside and not in the closet. the same

for shoes, a pair or two, so you have a small wooden shelf where guests can put their shoes. you shouldn't forget these spaces, they're often not on the photos of famous or well-known tiny houses, it all looks very tidy and you don't see these spaces, but in everyday life

these spaces matter and i think you shouldn't save on that. if you design it properly, it can look great and not cluttered if a jacket or a pair of shoes stands there. this closet is my main closet, i'm not sure about the shape yet, i'd like it to be slanted like my current closet,

of which i'll show a photo here. the benefit is that with the slanted side i don't build into the room as much. on to the kitchen. maybe to the windows first. i wanted to have two windows, one on each side, what i often see in tiny houses is the kitchen being quite dark on one side, when you have stairs on one side,

for instance, and a fridge there and a washing machine, there's often no window, what i don't like but what might be necessary are windows where the lower part is fixed and the upper opens up. i like the big open spaces, it's yet unclear if that's possible. there will be a tap here and if i

want to open this one, it's in the way. so either the tap is lower or it has to be removable. windows that open to the outside are also possible but i haven't found many companies and not everyone is excited about it, obviously, since when windows open to the outside, it also means that water can potentially come in easier than

when it opens to the inside. i also wanted to have a big and symmetrical kitchen. so i have the same length on both sides the counter space should be on both sides of important elements, i have a big sink here, you can't see the drainer, again, it wasn't in the program.

the sink will have a small drainer. i will use the dish washer mostly, which is next to it, but some things you can't wash in there. so on both sides counter space, storage below, on the wall i'll attach small shelves, maybe i can find a photo to that, so just boards with small angles,

maybe black metal, we'll see, so it's all a bit more open and i don't build too much into the kitchen. in here we have ... 64 cm so 128 cm is gone. so there is about 1.1 to 1.2 m of space left in between.

and you really don't want a corridor feeling but see to it that it's as open as possible. fridge on the other side, right at the end, fridge and freezer. pretty much like it looks here, freezer below, fridge above. space for lots of food. the second window here, you can open it because there's nothing up here, there's just a few clothes to show

that the washer is here. it will be hidden with a door since i have a small washing machine, 3 kg, and it's not as deep as the rest of the kitchen appliances and drawers. therefore i'll hide it so it

doesn't look 'set back'. also, i might be able to store a broom and the ladder for the loft. we'll see with the measurements. up here more counterspace, also next to it, and the oven in the middle. those will be gas appliances, cooker and oven, which will be half-size,

i don't need the larger one. and below i'll have a bit more space for storage. and a few more shelves here as well of about that depth, and you can put mugs on there or herbs, whatever you like. bathroom.

i think i already mentioned that i want to use a composting toilet which i have the measurements of, the one i want to use, that's a separrett villa, a standard toilet, good review, everyone i know or have heard of who use them are very happy with it. so that will probably be my model. i put in

measurements, so it looks like that. next to it we have a radiator, i can put my towels on there. the washbasin has minimal size, some leave it out completely, i gotta say i like to have a sink in the bathroom. below is storage anyway

so that drawer is there anyway. i need space for towels or whatever i need, contact lense fluid etc. so i don't mind that. what you don't see is a small mirror up here. you gotta imagine the loft up here, so that window is in the loft, i have some plans with the shower,

not sure if it works out so i won't tell you. in any case, that's a 80 x 80 cm shower. it says 79 cm here but that doesn't matter. the bathroom is 90 cm deep, that's not a whole lot, it is small, but i gotta say i don't spend much time in the bathroom, i just do the necessary and then

leave so i don't need more space. so yeah, you can save much space here. so much for the floor plan, there are still things left to do, like the position of lights, i also have yet to place power sockets, don't save on them, light switches are still missing. i'll do that on paper

and put in the measurements everywhere. the program isn't ideal for that. what you can do is to put in furniture here and add measurements and see if it fits or if it doesn't. i hope you got a good impression, as i expected the video is a bit longer, if you have any questions, and you will because i forgot a lot,

just leave a comment, i'll be happy to answer. maybe i will have to do another video with an update what it looks like now. like this radiator, it's not in the middle. not sure if those are the measurements anyway. but i think you have an impression. that's it for today, thank you for watching and for being

part of this and asking questions and following this journey, i'm excited to see where it leads me. the next step will be getting the trailer in the netherlands, i'll take you along for that. and then we'll start building, and no one is more excited than i am. but i'm very optimistic and active and i think it will

all work out. have a nice afternoon, see you next time, ciao!

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