ferienhaus mieten mallorca südwesten

ferienhaus mieten mallorca südwesten

hello and welcome to engel& vã¶lkers channel 24. the real estate boom in mallorcais set to continue. this is also reflected in the financial year 2015,which was once again successful for engel & vã¶lkers. the 16 residential real estate shops on thebalearic island recorded a significant sales growth compared to the previous year. today we will be speaking with philipp niemann about the current developmentof the mallorcan real estate market. director emea at engel & vã¶lkers. welcome, mr niemann! what are the reasons for the continuingreal estate boom on mallorca the boom on the island can be mainly attributed to financially strong

international customers, who arebuying real estate without outside financing. the internationalfinancial crisis is also contributing to the continuing real estate boom on the island, as ismallorca itself with its attractive mediterranean climate. which countries do most of these financially strong international buyers on mallorca come from? the main customer groups are thegermans, the french, the british and the scandinavians. while germansdominate the mallorcan market overall, it is mostly british buyers in the north andeast of the island. it is and remains the favourite island of the germans. where are the highest real estate prices on the island achieved?

mallorca's most attractive and highest-priced market is in the southwest, where alone in 2015 we soldfive properties valued at between eight and ten millioneuros. in other locations such as son vida, an exclusive residential location near the city of palma, we achieved prices of up to 10.5million. one of the highest prices per square meter that we achievedin the past year was almost 17,000 euros, in the west of the island. what purchasing criteria are decisive in this regard? on the island, the highest demand is forreal estate in prime locations with a very

special view. in palma,for example, this would be an apartment with views of the yacht harbour or theold town. in the centre of the island, it would be a luxurious property with a largeplot of land and a panoramic view. in the north-east, for example, it would be a modern villa close to the sea with sea views, and in the interior of the island, for example,a classical country-style finca. what are the latest trends you are seeing on mallorca? one interesting trend we are seeing on the island is that well-to-do families are choosing the islandas their primary place of residence

and commuting totheir country of origin for work purposes. this clientã¨le is especially interested in the island's southwest. this hasto do with the southwest being close to palma on the one hand, close to the airport on the other hand,and also being close to international schools and other things they were accustomed to in theircountry of origin. if we now take a look into the future, how do you think the market will develop in the coming months? as far as we can tell, it will develop in the waydescribed above. this means that demand pressure is extremely high, while supply is low. we are seeingindividual project developments on the

island, but these are limited due to the strictbuilding regulations on the island. one great example is found in the east of theisland, where the park hyatt hotel is developing villas, which will be offeredfor sale, but generally we are seeing a veryhigh demand at present, but also a very low supply. when you say that "there is a shortage of prime locations", which regions and locations stand to benefit from this? that would be the peripheral locations, in other words no longer the hotspots, because, as i have justdescribed, this is where supply

is particularly low. instead it is now the areas on the outskirts of these hotspots. this means that demand will increase further for real estate in the other parts of the island. does this mean that the purchase of a property in mallorca will remain a stable investment in the future? precisely! thank you for this informative overview, mr niemann, and thank you all for watching. i hope you will join us again next time on engel & vã¶lkers channel 24.

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