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hello and welcome to engel & vã¶lkers channel 24. if you are looking for a reliable and highly attractiveinvestment option, real estate is still the way to go, be it for personal use or as acapital investment. in the current residential real estate market report for germany, engel & vã¶lkers sums up the latest developments and trends on the property market. joining us today is dr maike brammer, head of residential research at engel & vã¶lkers, who will tell us more about this topic. welcome!

what exactly is the current residential real estate market report for germany all about? this is engel & vã¶lkers' third in-depth analysis of the residential real estate market in germany. for this analysis, we took a close look at the development of purchase and rental prices in 75 locations in germany. these are mainly the large urban agglomerations, the university towns, various holiday regions, as well as regions with strong purchasing power. here we compared the purchase prices in 2015 with previous year's prices, and also analysed the transaction business in the market.

this refers to the actual transactions that occurred. if viewed from this perspective, how did the german residential real estate market perform? in 2015, demand was still very high and interest rates were low. this translates into rising prices in the markets, also for rent, whereby we must also take into account that each region must be assessed individually. how did the freehold apartment segment perform, and where in germany were the highest prices achieved?

purchase prices increased in the very good and good neighbourhoods in more than two-thirds of the locations we reviewed. the square metre price in hamburg, for example, rose from 16,000 to 18,000 euros in the top segment. munich and berlin are more or less on par. and in the university towns in particular, project developers have also begun developing secondary locations. this, of course, drives

prices up. in comparison, how are property prices developing for single and double occupancy homes? the single and double occupancy home segment is experiencing an increase at the lower end of the price spectrum. this means that entry-level prices are rising. munich, for example, has seen another increase from 1,8 to 2 million. here, it is becoming increasingly difficult to still find real estate for less than

two million. and in cologne, the entry-level price for real estate in a prime location is around 900,000 euros. you mentioned transaction data. which german cities achieved the highest transaction volume? in the single and double occupancy home segment it was hamburg with a total turnover of 1.4 billion euros in 2014 compared to the previous year. this is an increase of approximately seven percent. in the freehold apartment segment, munich achieved the highest turnover of around four billion euros in 2014 compared to the previous year. this also constitutes a plus of approximately

seven percent. as always, the city remains at the top. how will the residential real estate market in germany develop in the coming years? this depends on various circumstances. we will need to wait and see what the ecb has in store for us. in 2015, the fed raised the prime interest rate. it remains to be seen how this will affect the german real estate market, but we are still seeing a very high demand for real estate in 2016,

which pushes prices up. as far as rentals are concerned, we are expecting prices to increase more slowly than in previous years. so if we consider the interest rates, the sooner we buy, the better? yes, probably. thank you for this great conversation and the interesting insights. and thank you all for watching. i hope you will join us again next time on engel & vã¶lkers channel 24.

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