einfamilienhaus modern

einfamilienhaus modern

dehn protects. two words, a big promise. www.dehn-international.com attention! please note that the installation of surge arresters into a sub-distribution board may only be performed by trained electricians! with this video i would like to show you the installation of a type 2 surge arrester into a sub-distribution board. but before i begin i would like to explicitly point out that the installation of such surge arresters into a sub-distribution board may only be performed by trained electricians. first of all, i will show you the installation situation, then the product.

then i will demonstrate the installation followed by the presentation of the most important functional properties of the type 2 surge arrester. here you see an electrical sub-distribution board of a modern residential building with the usual din rail mounted devices such as the residual current operated devices, automatic circuit breakers, control devices, surge current switches and so on. as you can see, the cable outlets are mounted on free outlet terminals as is customary nowadays for modern wiring systems. the connecting cable is also wired to free terminals. you can also see that there is free space in the second row on the circuit breaker rail.

we will position and install the surge arrester here. i will install a surge arrester of the dehn brand. it is a device of type dehnguard m tt 275.you will see that it is a din rail mounted device with four standard din modules.the arrester has screw-type terminals in cage terminal design for the phase conductors and the neutral conductor. cage terminals are also provided for the pe and equipotential bonding connection. a type tt was selected because the residential building has a tt system in the connection from the energy provider. comprehensive installation instructions are included in the packaging.

please observe the manufacturers’ installation instructions when performing such assembly work. here i am showing you a standard installation situation. you may possibly need to observe additional information from the installation instructions the packaging also includes a small red sticker, which i will refer to later. dehn protects. www.dehn-international.com

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