einfamilienhaus modern mit garage

einfamilienhaus modern mit garage

hey guys if you want you can skip the showcase the tutorial starts at 0:40 for this build you will need a build area thats 14 x 8 x 8 blocks. after doing that you will need 1 stack and 50 redstone, 33 repeater, 5 redstone torches, 36 pistons, 21 sticky pistons, 29 gravel, 4 buttons and some bulding bocks. start by going to the left wall and go 5 blocks to the right and one block up. wacht the video to see what i mean... now place down a block in the air with a button on it. behind it make a 8 long row of blocks with redstone ontop. over here start to build your piston extender "wall" with 3 sticky pistons and a normal piston ontop. then repeat this step 6 more times. grab your gravel and place it ontop until you reach the normal gound level. ontop again place your garage door.skip to 2:25 if you cant wait to go on.

place down a row over your excisting one with one more on the right side. over it another line with redstone ontop. and the last row without redstone. to get the signal up build a torch tower over here like me. a torch on this side a bloch abov it and a repeater infront of the block. now go one out and build a platform with reapeaters and redstone behind it... lets go to our torch and place down a block with a repeater on 4 ticks and place some blocks around the extender like that. place a block here and 2 infont of it like so. a repeater on 2 ticks and redstone on all your blocks.

put a redstone torch down with a block and redstone ontop of it. a piston with sand infront of it and a repeater runig out of it. place a block infront of this repeater and build a platform with repeaters and redstone ontop. now go down on this side and place down a repeater here and another one on two ticks right here. take the signal around and make a platform with repeaters and redstone again. here go out one block and one up with redstone on it and a repeater on 4 ticks. now go over to the button that we placed at the beginning of the video to test it out. if you have done everything right your garage door should be 4 blocks up in the air. ontop of your garage door go 5 blocks up and place 4 normal pistons facing into your door. repeat this 6 more times. skip to 5:20 if you feel so. after youve done that go to the back side and place 4 rows with redstone ontop ... just watch and skip to 6:08 if you want.

on this side go 2 blocks out and place down a repater and a button. now go to the other side and build a reversed "c" i thik you will understand what i mean... again just watch and understand. place down redstone and a repeater on 2 ticks and repeat this 2 times. go to your button and press it if you have done everytihng correctly your garage door should be closed. now we going to connect our open and close buttons. here are your 2 buttons the top one for closing and the bottom one for opining your door. we start with the top one just build a spirial up to the top and you should be good to go. connect everything with redston to the bottom and test it out. for the other button build a staircaise going downwards to your start button. at one point place a repater and connect everything with redstone.

after doing that you can skip to 8:43 now go two mor blocks out here and place down your last 2 buttons. and for the second button go down and connect ith with this line right here. okay thats for this video and thank you for watching. if you like this video then please give me a "thumbs up" and if you don't want to miss any of my future videos click on the subsribe-button.

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