einfamilienhaus modern mit doppelgarage

einfamilienhaus modern mit doppelgarage

my name is maurus mosetig and my crowdfunding project is the q-box. built up from single container frames and constructed in a sustainable way with woodfibreboard and hemp-jute insulation, it can be extended or decreased and is transportable. the crowdfunding project serves to embellish the inside of the existing outer shell, to finance the internals and self-constructed furniture as well as the technical infrastructure like water and electricity, solar panels for hot water as well as for electricity supply on the roof

and first experiments with wind energy. the q-box is about using only natural material, no adhesives, no pollutants. with the q-box concept it is important to stay mobile, so the house is not connected tightly to the ground, you can take it, unscrew the two parts , put it on a truck with hanger and get it transported to another country, to another spot somewhere. now we are taking a look inside.

you see the container steel frames, infilled by wooden stands which are being insulated with hemp-jute material. the inside of the q-box is not as finished as the outside, you can still see the construction; the vapor barrier on the ceiling and the battens. now one more layer of hemp-jute insulation goes inbetween and on top the fermacell plates. for me the one-room principle is very important.

this room will more or less stay like it is, in the rear third is the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and a walk-in wardrobe, the remaining two-thirds will be one free space. there is a murphy bed on the wall, serving as a shelf when not needed. the table unfolds from a small working place to an eating table for 4 or 6 persons. the scope of applications for the q-box is manifold; you can put it on top of a garage, connect it to an existing house,

put it on a leased spot, on a permanent camping ground or into the forest if that is possible. the q-box will always be an open source project, whoever wants to construct it can do so. the crowdfunding project is giving me the possibility to create a documentation of all the construction steps, including my errors an all of my knowledge; to write a manual, so that everyone who has the craft skills can reconstruct it.

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