einfamilienhaus modern kosten

einfamilienhaus modern kosten

my name is thomas aichholzer. i am sales manager for a german company in austria. we are here in the 14th district in vienna on the "satzberg".it's where i live. the large glass facade with the openingto the west is very important. if it is a beautiful day, you can enjoy to be outside. but in the cold transition days, you have it very warm inside, even the big windows let you feel like being outside. and this i'm enjoying a lot. what is important,especially if you have the opening to the west,

is to have a proper sun protection. because the midsummer, it is important that you close the house with blinds and screens. so that the heat stays outside and it keeps very pleasant and cool inside. in the future, houses must be built this way or even better, energy producing houses, that would be possible with this building as well. because i believe that this simply enhances our overall energy balance. in the beginning i also worried about the costs.

but now i can laugh about it. so today i find it funny when those who still heat with oil in the alley, moan in the winter,how expensive the oil is. but i'm affected relatively little. people open their houses for the reason because they want to share the experience. in my own circle of friends i have people who say: "well, there is a ventilation sytem and all that does not work" then i always say, "well, i live here since 13 years and i can not confirm that."

i experience it differently, and that i like to share.especially with people who are interested. passive house inhabitants are opening their doors international passive house days - information at www.passivehouse.com further information you find here:

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