einfamilienhaus modern flachdach

einfamilienhaus modern flachdach

my name ist udo heimermann. i am an architect and qualified engineer. and i run an architectural office since 1991 entitled "bureau for organic construction" organic building is a way of architecture that is keeping to align with nature and not against it and that is exactly the opposite what modern architecture is trying to represent fundamentally, you have to distinguish wether i strictly build round forms, organic forms or wether i move to a higher sphere desiring how to re-create the urban world/environment around me and that is more or less a philosophical question right now we are in bad-neuenahr ahrweiler visiting an organic building from 1998 as far as possible, that house was built only with ecological building materials

such as sand-lime bricks which were used a lot clay and wood from our forests in sinzig for example. when building materials and energy costs get more expensive you will automatically fall back to rounder ground plans, more sustainable ground plans. if you draw a circle and a square the circumference of the circle is 13% smaller than the size of the square. to put it plainly, for example if you construct a completely round building or an igloo you partly have even saved more materials than with a square shaped ground plan. when people become more pleased and that is what organic architecture is doing

people will sustainably economize on themselves. meaning that consumption is retrogressing. people live more consciously and to maintain our present prosperity you have to move towards a passive,- zero or plus-energy house. now there is the organic architecture accomodating that process. recently i was in india again for three weeks and if i am standing in thar, a semi-desert and i have to see that european companies advertising houses with a swimming pool in the middle of the desert where no water is available i have to ask myself how insane has our world become. this human activity was pushed by modernity and by the right angle intervening in the way of building

the way to build modularly. and if we trace back to the organic construction some day we might have a chance to achieve living again in close communion with nature but it will be a tight squeeze.

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