einfamilienhaus architektur modern

einfamilienhaus architektur modern

straw house we will do a little room tour through the house. what is it? a straw house. 36mâ².. living room... .. watching strawalz-tv the whole day... kitchen.. bedroom... bathroom... small but enough...

shower... the materials: natural building materials. here for example clay plaster. feels good! ahh...natural! all natural! this is how i want to build my house! this one is almost a bit to big.. my one should be a bit smaller and shorter. the house has 36mâ². in england you have the “caravan act”.

so it is a bit easier to fulfil all the building regulations as we know them in germany. in germany we don`t have such a regulation. we are in england.. and the sun is shining! wow! i would like to show you this nice box! its from the kitchen... but it isn`t something for cooking! but it`s straw! and the walls are filled with this stuff! it is small straw. you can insulate houses with it! you can use it for blow-in insulation.

in this case they made sandwich panels out of it! i guess they are between 6-18cm (?) thick. they (modcell) are working on the certification. they used the material in this house.it works like blow-in insulation. they inject it really dense. not like here. it has to be really dense! this is the future! this is the future, my love! straw-insulation!

it will not save the world, but it is a awesome alternative to conservative materials! straw-insulation!straw as filling between walls. you will find it here in the kitchen... you never know, what you will need for cooking...! and.. very important...!watch the whole day strawalz on the huge tv!

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