die sims 2 schöne häuser bauen

die sims 2 schöne häuser bauen

- caitlyn, this really isn't necessary. - i insist, babe. - this is a little weird. - i barely get to see you anymore. ever since you starteddating that blue california-- - who? - you've been so busy,i miss our quality time. - okay, but bedtime stories? - absolutely, babe.

there's no better way to bond. - we could've watcheda movie or play some-- - fairytales, let's do it! - i don't know why shewants to read me a bedtime story but-- - [interviewer] wait, canyou state your name for the camera? - what do you mean? i'm rob. - [interviewer] bob, what'syour relation to the sisters?

- it's rob, everyone knows who i am. - [interviewer] are you a family friend? - (beep) you. - okay so i'm doing thisfrom memory so bare with me. our first story will be-- - you're doing more than one? - the tale of the three little pigs. - i can't believe mom is kicking us out. - oh my god, i know, she's such a hog.

- now we have to, like,build our own houses. - ew. - i'm going to build my house with brick. - kim, are you serious? - what? - that's stupid. - the wolf is going toturn you into ground beef. - we're pigs. - i don't know why my sistersare getting on my case

about my house. i think brick is the best option. well, what are you guysbuilding your houses with? - straw. - sticks. - your houses are going toget destroyed by the wolf. - you don't know whatyou're talking about. - yeah, the wolf isn't cominganywhere near our houses. - fine, don't come runningto my brick house when it

kills you. - not only is kim's housegoing to take forever to build, she's making a huge mistake. - there's literally no waythe wolf is getting into my house. - little pig, little pig, let me come in. - no, not by the cheeksof my big, big ass. - then i'll huff and i'llpuff and i'll blow your house down, babe.

- wait, what about my sisters? - what about them? - did you eat them? - no, i couldn't get near their houses. - what the (beep)? their houses are literally horrible. - i'm allergic to straw and sticks. - well, whatever, thishouse is made of bricks so you can't blow it down.

- sure i can, babe. - what's going on? - take her down, boys. - and the wolf had a nice ham sandwich. - i don't think that's howthe original story goes. - the next story i'm goingto tell you is a classic, babe, the little red riding hood. - little red riding hood,your grandmother is very sick. - so? i barely know her.

- now, little red, that'sno way to talk about family. - you called her a greedybitch the other night. - well, that's because she is, dear. - exactly. - but i want you to be a goodlittle girl and go visit her. she's quite ill. - okay, but do i have to wear red? - yes.- why? - because that's your name.

- no it's not, it's justwhat you call me because the stupid hood. - i'm not changing your name,stop asking me to change your name, i've alreadytold the whole village. - but she lives out in thewoods, it's like, dangerous. - that's not my problem. - so i was on my way tomy grandmother's house when all of a sudden the big badwolf came out of nowhere. - hello, little red riding hood.

- hey. - so, what are you doingout here in the woods? - i'm going to see my grandmother,bring her some tequila. - oh? where does your grandmother live? - down this path, around the big oak tree, and next to the nut bushes. - i see. bye! - hmm.

- after my conversationwith little red riding hood, i rushed to her grandmother'shouse and ate her. - grandma, you look like (beep). - menopause hasn't been kind to me. - i brought you some tequila. - i love tequila! that's exactly what i need. - are you the big bad wolf? - no, no i'm--

- i know it's you. - how? - because you look like a (beep) wolf. - oh. - don't worry, little red riding hood, i'll save you. (dramatic music) oh (beep). - and they lived happily ever after.

- but she died! - this next one is a personalfavorite, hansel and gretel. - oh my god, i can't believeour step-mother left us out in the middle of nowhere. - oh my god, i know. at least i told you toleave a trail of breadcrumbs so we wouldn't get lost. - oh, i ate it. - i ate the loaf of bread.

- why would you do that? - i don't know why she's attacking me. she handed me bread andsaid, "here, this is for our "safety." of course i ate it. - gretel, you dumb bitch,now we're going to die. - look, all we need ifood, water, and fire. - where are we going to get that? - there's a candy house right there.

- oh my god, yes, let's eat it. - ew, no! there's bird shit on it. - then what else are we going to eat? - i don't know, but thatold lady looks weird. - hello, is that children i hear? - yeah.- i'm 12. - wait, you can't see us? - no, but you two sound delicious.

- what the hell? we're not food. - everyone says i'm delicious. - i'm having some trouble, children. can you come see if myoven is hot by crawling inside of it? - why the (beep) would we do that? - don't you want to help the elder-- - no. - please?

- i'm out.- yeah. - you're not going anywhere. (evil cackling) - they were both killed immediately. - i thought they were supposedto trick her and escape. - there's a lesson tobe learned here, babe. - don't talk to strangers? - no, don't eat bread. our last story is a tale as old as time.

- oh, i love beauty and the beast. - cinderella. - i can't wait to go to the ball. - yeah, it's going to be so much fun. - um, step sisters? - don't be (beep) rude,we're in the middle of a conversation. - why would you justinterrupt us like that? - i'm sorry.

- go dump my (beep) inthe streets or something, you're annoying me. - but i have a question. - the answer is no. - but you haven't heard it yet. - oh my god, mom! - yes, dear? - cinderella won't shut up. - cinderella, why are youbothering the daughters

i actually care about? - i just wanted to know ifi could go to the ball, too? - but the invitation saideveryone in the household was invited. - it said everyone but cinderella. - that's not-- - you don't even have a gown. - maybe you guys can help me make o-- - fine, then my mice will help me.

- i killed them with rat poison. you're not going to the ball. now go to your room. - bitch. - are you my fairy godmother? - i am. - you're going to help me go to the ball? - that's right, close your eyes. bippity, boppity, boo, babe.

open your eyes. - i'm still wearing my maid's dress. - that's because you'reperfect just the way you are. - i can't go to the balllooking like a peasant. they wouldn't even let mepast the gates like this. - don't go there. - can i at least have afancy carriage to travel in? - the exercise will be good for you. see you there, babe.

we did it, did it, did it, did it, did it. - okay. - did it. - it echoes, i get it. - did it, did it. - please stop. (upbeat music) - hey sweetie? - what, root?

- i've been thinking about thecrazy stuff you went through and i wrote a monologue about it. - now's not a good time. - i don't remember--

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